Why Young Living Essential Oils for MnSue and family?

Hello, MnSue here!

Enjoying days of summer sunshine, green grass, going barefoot, grilling out on the deck, camping and the fresh summer breeze!

It is that time of year again that the good old outside beckons for one to come into! Makes one feel good and enjoy these times! As in Minnesota, we get the four season of beautiful distinct weather. We enjoy these days that we love best and remember them like no other!

Getting back to Young Living Essential Oils, I have used them on and off for over 10 years and more in the last six years. There too, we have seasons of use. When my body is in need of an extra boost for a particular health issue, the essential oils have been there for me!

Last year I was coming onto a season that I needed to use a few essential oils more than others. I was one of them that tried the medications and had more side effects than I cared for and also made matters worse. I was an emotional roller coaster with my life. I was not sleeping at night, I had bottled up energy but lagged in the front end, ‘get up and go’ category. If you know what I mean, I struggled with so many issues, they overwhelmed me but yet I kept going, night and day until I crashed. This was not good for dealing with all the extra baggage called stress.

I fought using the essential oils, at first, for all my issues I was dealing with. I wanted a quick fix to get through that ugly season of my life. Have you ever been there? Where you realize where you are and don’t feel good about it? Yah, I can relate. It was a struggle. For some reason, someone close to me, just didn’t give up and kept on telling me, use the lavender. “It is simple, just get the lavender and put it on at night before bed,” she would tell me. Soon out of other alternatives, I thought to myself, “Why are you fighting this, simple solution?”  Part of it was that it was network marketing or mlm like so many of you know it as. I had done that and wanted no more of that. Money was another issue, or lack of it, I should say. Finally, I gave in and said, “just use the product at the most cost effective price and try it”. Sometimes it can be such a silly thing we fight ourselves over with, that later we wonder what in the world, were we thinking?

I got using essential oils and the most amazing thing is the product knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter if we are young or old. It doesn’t matter if we have tried using it before, it works regardless of who you are and what you have done. It works, period! I started sleeping nights again. All I did was put a drop or two on my feet at night. The most amazing thing is that it calmed me down, got my mind off from wandering about the todays, yesterdays and tomorrows. Then it got me sleeping. How refreshing is that for a change?  No side effects other than you feel fantastic when you wake up!

Then I tackled the depression issue next. Accidently really. The month of December if you order a certain dollar amount of product you got a bottle of Frankincense Essential Oil for free. “Hmmm, I thought, what would I use frankincense for? ” So anyway, I put my order in and got my bottle for FREE. Next thing I knew, I was reading up on frankincense and all that it works on and promptly forgot all but that I could put it on with the lavender before bedtime and see what it does for me. After that I was loving the smell. I was loving how I felt and loving the idea I could feel so good.  I was in love with frankincense essential oil.

When I looked back at all the areas this essential oil has the potential to help. This made so much sense why I felt so good. I am so thankful that I finally have found products that work, time after time, health issue after health issue.

When one has such a good story with a product, one cannot help but share.

It lead us to using essential oils elsewhere in our home.

With one of my son’s who has narcolepsy. This will take time and patiance, dealing with narcolepsy. No one, not one of us would like the idea of falling asleep all the time, on the spot, anytime, anywhere. Niether did my son, at 18. Narcolepsy will not disappear but we can work with it and help him get to a level where he can lead a very normal life and falling asleep at a minimun.

Next we had a grandbaby who has torticollis (is a twisted neck in which the head is tipped to one side, while the chin is turned to the other). Catching it early on is the key, then it takes very few raindrop techniques with essential oils and only one periodically here and there later on in life, like the rest of us, to stay in alignment.  We also use essential oils for her when she is teething, scrapes and bruises as she is learning to walk and falls over and bumps herself. For calming and relaxing her down before bed, just a drop of lavender to the feet with V-6 or a good vegtable oil.

I have done the raindrop technique over 50 times now (since the middle of January 2011) and still love giving it, it is an easy process to do but takes about 50 minutes for a full raindrop technique. They can be very powerful in healing. Helping one deal with emotions, stress and health issues.

Sharing these stories helps one understand the essential oils are for everyday use. Not just for health issues but can be a way of life, easy and for ones own family not so challanging times from teething babies to helping with depression like it did for me.

What is holding you back from starting on this journey with help for you? If it is your pride like mine, that can be easy enough fix. Is it money? Easy enough fix too. Just share with six friends and help them learn to love the product like you do and your product can be free too.

So don’t give up, look up.

 Open your eyes to the possibilities within and the answers will come.

I look forward to hearing your stories with essential oils soon too~

MnSue leaving you to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and the lovely family around you! You go and make it the best day ever, tell yourself that everyday and soon it will be too!
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