3 Ways to Work in Essential Oils into YOUR WorkOut!

Hello All~
MnSue here! I am going to blog on Essential Oils and Exercise. Working the two in together is enpowering for the mind and body.

First, Adding it to your drinking water or work out shake.
There are so many good essential oils to add, it could make for a long read!

Peppermint ~ Energizing.
Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Lavender ~ for calming the Nervous system
Power Meal ~ Protein Drink Mix, great with amino acids and MSM for immune support
building lean muscle tissue, organ function and metabolism
Nutmeg ~ anti inflammatory, stimulates immune function also

Just to name a few for internal.

Then there is for Pre Work Out for external body parts!
If you have areas of the body that are prone to stress out during workouts. Take care of them before you get the pain. Rub in Ortho Ease or Ortho Sport to that area along with Thieves Spray and or Panaway. You want your body to be limber and not so stressed out. One thing I love about the Thieves is it goes to work at warming up the area and also will overtime, work on restoring area’s of the body that have been torn or banged up!

If you are able to set up the diffuser before working out, diffuse Essential Oils such as:
Any citrus
Ylang Ylang
Present Time
 Live With Passion
Third, YOUR Post WorkOut!

Stretch out any stiff joints and then apply the Ortho Sport/Ease again.

 Drink plenty of water again!

Then add Thieves and a few citrus oils, to 2 ounces of NingXia Red over a few ice cubes and enjoy!

This regime works really great when doing work outs at home; yoga, weight lifting, stretches, walking, running, work out dvds and more!


MnSue sweating in place!
We are so blessed to have the warmth
along with it comes just about anything
including the humidity!