All Muscled Out? Aching Just a Bit? Ortho Ease to the Rescue!

Hello, MnSue here!

Enjoying the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan! The weather has been terrific with mostly hot and nice warm tempatures. We have been camping off Lake Superior and enjoying the family time!

The only complication has been getting my blogs written and getting them out to big wide world.

I do not mind that communication has been almost nil. So much time to have fun with the family and relax.
Tried a new potato salad recipe that needs a little more zip but is awesome that it only had one fat gram
per serving and calories were less than a third of most creamy potato salads. Relaxing and rejuvanating has been at a premium.

Amazingly, with all the lovely walks and biking, up and down hills. A different set of muscles have been getting a work out.
So, out comes the essential oils that work on those sore muscles. Wintergreen, peppermint…then an aha moment
when I remembered the Ortho Ease.

 Ortho Ease is one of my favorites in the sense
that when your muscles are aching, you do not have to think, “Which essential oils will work best for
them sore muscles?” As Ortho Ease has Wintergreen, Peppermint, Juniper, Eualyptus, Thyme, Lemongrass,
Vetiver and Marjoram in it.
Ortho Ease
is designed for soothing tired and stressed muscles.

Going into to check out some local color!

MnSue leaving you to have a
a fun and relaxing day!