Are YOU Up and Down all day…and Night? Noisy too?

Hello MnSue here and wanting to share another few testimonials here!

Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) have been a lifesaver to me and my family. I cannot stop sharing our stories and how they have helped us. So I have come to write these blogs in hopes to change others lifes, like ours!

Have you been at YOUR wits end? Almost pulling your hair out? I can relate.

 Some years back I have gone through times when I could not sleep.

 I go and go and go.

 Restless night and day. Not just a few nights, but months of this. The first time this happened, I went to Mother’s Camp through my church. I slept the night through, the first night! Amazing! I cracked the sleeplessness. I felt so enpowered and refreshed. I found out another mother there,she had gone on like this for years. I asked myself, “How can one survive like this, with no sleep?” I was at my wits end, seriously. I would try to do quiet things all night long but how can one be quiet, even walking around?

It happened a few more times. No sleep. Period.

Then I realized my pattern. It was always during a very high stress time. Multiple stressors in my life.

So glad I found relief this last time with Young Living Essential Oils! The lavender was my lifesaver! Maybe the company needs to put these into  mint candy rolls and sell them to the young and restless, hmmm? They would make a pun intended.

The Lavender was so beneficial I went on to try the Frankincense and that was another helper! It helped work on my anxiety, stress and depression. I would not go a night without putting it on my feet. It kept me sane!

I have heard from another person it kept their Alzheimer mother, calm and happy. All they did was start by diffusing the Peace and Calming in her room. Then they went on into using the lavender in her bathing, and started to use other oils to help her with the health issues. Took some weeks to get her to constantly calm but can you imagine something so simple?

So if you have some who is going through a tough time, not sleeping, combative, restless. Share this story with them. Pay it forward by passing this forward.

MnSue leaving you to pay it forward!

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