As Summer Time Passes By…..

Hello, MnSue here!

I am so thankful for all the family and friends I have. It seems that life can take on a mind of it’s own. 🙂 This summer has been another busy one. My daughter from California came home for three weeks in June. During this time we celebrated our third childs graduation along with two of his cousins. My husband and I, we had our 22nd Anniversary on the 10th of June. We just got back from a ten day vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, from Tourist Park in Marquette to my all time favorite campground, McLain State Park near my husband’s place he grew up, Houghton, Michigan! Yes, the home of “Michigan Tech”. 🙂 Where he graduated from in Mechnical Engineering, 17 years ago!

Always fun to travel but also fun to come home and appreciate your own bed and the roof over one’s head!

Hard to believe, that we are almost half way through the month of July. Where does that time go? It is just like the sand that passes through your fingers on the beach. Way to fast!

I have been having this allergy cough and trying to figure out when it started. I think it came from being around the campfire. I do so love campfires. I love to day dream into the fire and watch the wood crackle and snap! I love to poke at the wood and see the glow from underneath. Makes life seem so simple. Just relaxing on a camp chair, feet kicked back and life is just glorious! The trees whispering in the background, the water lapping at the sands gently, tenderly. The sun going down, all aglow on the water and your thoughts are miles away.

 So much so, that you just about fall asleep until the bug bites!

A gentle reminder, time to sleep the night away but in your bed instead of the camp chair.

 Visiting with friends and family, at the campgrounds and their homes. Just remembering the fun times. The laughs, the silly things that kids say, the games played. The fireworks.

 The smiles, the shared time. Three of my boys with dad on the Quincy Mine Tour.

Take time, away from business to just be there for your family. The business will grow, and your business friends will value you more for the family time you take. So don’t let it go…until it is too late. My grandbaby Callie and I by the campfire! So fun to have her and mommy Kara with!

Make the memories, while you can
Summer is fading fast
Enjoy the lovely moments
and make them last.


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