Does YOUR Freedom Ring? Happy 4th of July!

Hello, MnSue here!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend to all you in the U.S.A!
 What a beautiful country.
 I hope this blog finds all of you, who read this, surrounded by family and friends enjoying the lovely weekend.
 Regardless of what country you are from or living in.

We are who we make ourselves to be.
I am working on being a better person to my own family, friends and country
 and it is fun to watch my changes.
I  am also working on being happy
 and surrounding myself with happy people.
Again it is fun to see what happens.
I am starting to look at things differently.
The cup isn’t half empty.
It now is half full.
I found that it takes work. But it takes energy to be also asking for forgiveness
every time we get upset or get angry.
It takes time to think of replies. I have to always work on this.
I like to respond immediately.
Just like my nature. I do not procrastinate, I like things done.
So, to slow down and think about what I say.
Okay. I am working on this.
But this will be “road construction” ahead
for a while
 Trust me, we can change. 
We just have to make new promises
and try keep to them
The fun is when we can see the changes.
We find we are a better person for it
we make for a better society for it too!
Even better country,
one person at a time!
So take what are you doing to make YOUR freedom ring? 
MnSue leaving you to enjoy the 4th of July
we are all so blessed!
Thank You, each and everyone of you  for protecting our country
above all I thank God 
for all which He has carried us through.