Have YOU Pampered YOURSELF Lately?

Hello, MnSue here!

One thing we seem to forget in the midst of all this blogging, emails and business stuff, ist to just take care of ourselves! I am one of them, who when I am on a roll with whatever it is can tend to not take care of myself. I love to have down time like everyone else, not joking. The only thing is by nature, I am a nurturer! So, what do I do in down time? Take care of everyone else, as I enjoy it! Nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. Only problem is then one can get run down.

So I started thinking about all this…and it led me to a great idea. Oh, oh! When the light bulb goes off, watch out. Nothing bad but I think I am going to start a date night.

Just for myself and the bathtub.

I will mix up my favorite bath salts with essential oils. Get my candles all lined up and start this once a month, if not once a week! I used to do this all the time. I would tell the kids, “Do not disturb, Mom’s down time…in the Bathtub!” They knew they cannot ask any questions threw the door, no knocking, no disturbing unless the house is on fire!  Oh my gosh, my teenage boys will call me over the silliest things with their dad in the same room. While I am out running errands or something. I have told them…you have to learn that if you need to call me, then the answer is going to be a “no” if you cannot ask dad, in the same room. Way to funny? That’s okay. I just go with the flow and laugh at them. Why not? I am sure I would have done the same thing growing up, if my mom had a cell on her too! 😉 Or would I have? Hmmm.

So remember to pamper yourself once in a while, whatever “pampering” is too you!

To make the bath salt, I love to take a cup of Epsom Salt and add whatever essential oils I am in the mood for. Many times, lavender (as this is so good for the skin and healing). Usually a citrus one as they are great mood enhancers. In the evening I don’t take the “mint” ones as they will wake you up! Do whatever suites you and then mix them up and throw in the bath as it is filling up the tub. I usually end up with about 5 to 10 drops of something in the mix.

Otherwise you can also do this for just a foot or hand soak! 🙂 Carry in a baggie and put them in the water when getting a pedicure or manicure at a salon.  I just love bathing with the essential oils. How about you?

MnSue leaving you to have a pampered day!

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