How is the enamel on YOUR teeth?

Hello, MnSue here!

Welcome to the latest blog on Essential Oils from Young Living. I truly am thankful for these products.  They are so nice to use in so many ways.

A while back I found a holistic dentist site. After hours of scouring the Internet for a dentist in my locality that will do the kind of work I was looking for. Found them and also some really good tips while I was looking. One I really liked was to replace a your toothpaste with a good mouthwash.

Didn’t take me long to try that out and found I absolutely loved using Thieves Mouthwash for my new toothpaste. Will I ever go back to toothpaste? Time will tell, I am going to try this for a while.

I read on this site, that when you use toothpaste. There is a grading system for toothpaste. The highest rating is a 45 for grit. If it is higher than that, it is aiding in the removal of the enamel off your teeth. Then you get cavities. Hmmm.  So they recommended using a good mouthwash. So, in essence of reading this site, I thought, “Why worry about it when they recommend to brush with mouth wash? Just make it easier on one, so you do not have to worry about the rating. So I started brushing with with mouthwash from Young Living now. Use only a couple of drops. So I recommend a dropper bottle and just drop a couple of drops of mouthwash onto the toothbrush and brushing.

How cheap can one get?

I think it is so funny, as one hardly makes a dent in the bottle of mouthwash when you use it this way. So inexpensive and my teeth feel so clean all the next day, even after eating. That tells me, my mouthwash is working. And working overtime! Does your toothpaste last that long?  Also, no waste of toothpaste in the sink or the bottom of your toothbrush. Have you noticed that also? I always laugh at the kids toothbrush. More in the sink then on the toothbrush and the remainder is on the bottom, so how much got used on the teeth in the first place?

Try it, you just might like it as much as I do!

By the way, I love the smell of the Thieves line of products, so love the smell of my mouthwash!

Enjoy your day
make the most of it
maybe I will go skip a rock or two
with the kiddos down at the beach today
or try and build a sand castle

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  1. I have used a lot of Mouthwash brands and I can only name a few that really work. Is this really effective? I will check the websites so I can see the best product for me.
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    • I absolutely love this product line, called the “Thieves” from Young Living, Xanae! Try it and see how it works for you, remember you don’t need much, as it is very effective. 🙂

  2. I purchased this a few days ago after my herbalist told me it would help with my reoccurring gum infections. It cleared the current infection right up, so I’m definitely going to keep using it. My only complaint is the strong taste of cloves that lasts for hours. I hate cloves. Other than that, it’s great. I found it a little strong (it made my eyes water.) so I water it down a little.
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    • You can cut back on the amount you use, one doesn’t need much and also you can alternate between mouthwash and the toothpaste on the brush.

  3. I consider Thieves Essential Oil to be ESSENTIAL. It’s truly a ‘magical’ product. Just a hint of sore throat or any other ailment seems to be helped by using the oil. I put a drop or two on the back of my hand, lick it, and that’s all there is to it. It also freshens your breath and can be diffused to clean your air. It seems to kill everything! An amazing product.

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  4. For me both works fine but depends on situation. Mouthwash great for before and after meals while toothbrush is great in the morning and night.


  5. Sounds like I have a new product to try! The enamel is very important in protecting the teeth’s nerves. I’ll endorse this product to my dentist in Moncks Corner.

  6. I’m glad you have found a more natural treatment to strengthen your enamel. I’ll consult my cosmetic dentist marietta about this.

  7. Natural dental products may not be as good-tasting but it is a lot safer to use compared to conventional toothpastes. My dentist has recommended some non-toxic product same as these.

  8. Thank you for sharing these natural alternatives to dental hygiene! I’m sure my dentist Newtown Square PA would approve of this.

  9. According to our Plano invisalign dentist, these alternative dental hygiene products are recommendable for those who suffer from allergies or recurring canker sore.