How much did YOU say that Essential Oil costed?

Hello MnSue!

I can still remember my reaction when I went to ask for the price on my first bottle of essential oil!

How much did you say that costs?  How long does it last? Why are they so much? Can you seriously buy them cheaper? What, I can get them for less? Okay, but how much do I have to order and how can I get them free?”

Yes, I did get excited about the cost but realized overtime that the cost were no more different than anything else out there.

Start by taking about 120 or so drops per bottle, divide by the cost and the one that is even a more spendier, $50 a bottle, ends up at under .50 a drop.

Hmmm. My mind started whirling.

 My copay to the visit the doctor cost me $30. Doesn’t matter if the doc finds a solution or not, it cost $30 (plus my families monthly health plan) and the health cares cost for their side of the visit, isn’t that why we have coverage? Which drives up the cost of your yearly health plan coverage, each year based on how many uses the previous year, for your company. Okay, so that doesn’t even cover the solution.

Now the solution, is many times a prescription. The cost is minimal about $10+ and many times more, as this is about no brand cost. Then the cost, no one ever accounts for is the side affects of the prescription. For example, take just one of them. Weight gain. That is a multi billion dollar industry a year, alone.

A few years back, I went to the point of even calling poison control. What do most people die from? I asked for some verbal stats on problem areas. Then I went so far to ask about natural products. I remembered only one in over ten years. On this case, I learned, they cannot divulge whether the person was on prescriptions or not. Very interesting, hey? Then I asked what natural products have they had trouble with. They had not had any reports of them, back then. I also was reminded by others when doing the research, that many times there are side affects with drugs that people have and they are not reported. Like if you were taking more than one prescription, can they pinpoint which one? If you didn’t follow the directions to a “T” they couldn’t document the results of your case study. So to sum up what I learned was to do the homework. Research to find out what makes you feel comfortable with the product you are using.

Now, back to the side affects of essential oils. Do your research. How long have they been around? How often are they used in prescriptions and then altered, to not work so effectively or a synthetic form. Seriously, we are not a car. Except I would like to say, we could stand to be oiled up periodically to keep our joints mobile, but not with synthetic oils. Then they throw in all this other stuff added to the solution to preserve. Okay, now why would they do all this? I will let you figure out that one. In the meantime. I want an oil that is from ‘seed to seal’ certified. How about you?

To me, I feel very comfortable with essential oils, especially Young Living Essential Oils. I feel I have done enough homework and can go forward with confidence.

You do what is right for you. Like I said, I was not leaving a stone unturned. I wish I would have been just as diligent years ago with prescriptions for myself. Until one has side affects that are severe enough, one doesn’t really think about it much. Like my son who had severe asthma at under a month old. One son breaking out in hives. He then later on is diagnosed with narcolepsy when he was just fine and running around full of energy as a kid. I, who later found out allergic to penacillin. At what point do we start taking our own personal health in our own hands? Just ten to twenty years back look at what most people did with home remedies.

We are coming back full circle.

 Us parents are realizing, our parents or grandparents had it right. We need to bring back the many options to be healthy and it starts at home. What we eat and what type of lifestyle one leads is a good starting point.

I do not discount what the doctors can do for us but it comes down to being informed. I would want a doctor when one breaks an arm, in an accident or other very needful things that technology has brought us.

I do want to say their is a happy medium. If you are given two choices; one being can you use something that gives hardly any or no side effects but is also giving your body more nutrition and/or health benefits or  the pill to knock out the good and bad bacteria for the same problem, in the same amount of time (per say to make it easier)? Which one would you choose?

I personally think there are many of you out there that think alot like I do. Start learning more about personal health and nutrition. Work on getting ones body healthier, one step at a time.

So back to the cost of the essential oil? Even if it were the same, I would choose, hands down the natural way. The side effects? How can one put a price tag on them as they can come on years later and too the tune of not just dollars but lost work time and your wellness.

By the way, did your doctor tell you if you refer just six on autoship, you will get your $100 order for free? Mine didn’t but my gal who signed me up with Young Living, did. So can you beat $0 cost? Hmmm. I think I can, just share some more oils and you can soon have a check in the mail.

Until the next blog~

MnSue leaving you to take a step
in the direction of healthy habits
I too, sometimes like the not so good stuff
or the easy way out.
But it takes knowledge and the power
to learn, to help, to dream.
To do what’s right, for you
and your family.
Go make it a good day!

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