Staying Cool in the Sun with YLEO!

Hello, MnSue here and reminding you that despite all this nice warm weather. We need to stay cool! Oh, you already are, one cool dud or chick? Sorry I forgot for a moment, it must be the heat getting to me!

Staying cool can be a difficult thing for anyone in high temperatures. Then there is another group that it is even harder for. The real young, the elders, the handicap and certain people with different medical conditions.

Spring Chicks!

Newborns and Little Ones
I remember when my eldest was a newborn. I had her bundled up like the doctor had told me, one more layer than I was wearing. Hmmm. It was summer, it was hot and I had one more layer on her! Excuse me…but I was following directions until I felt her and she was momma’s one hot chick, for that moment. Oh, my. Got her home and took her temperature and freaked out. Bathed her and kept the layers down to a “onesie” style t-shirt for babies. Called the doctor, told me to bring her in. Nothing wrong with her. I later had to think about that one more. I was a new mom, following directions and almost gave my baby a heat stroke. I felt guilty for a long time after that. I know she was born at the end of July and that is when the heat starts to pick up, here in Minnesota. That situation stayed with me for a long time. Be careful how you dress your child summer and winter and that they get enough fluids in them. Soon they will be able to talk and tell you, if they are warm or cool enough. In the mean time, don’t do the silly thing I did and over dress your baby in extreme hot weather.

A trick or two for Junior
I little trick I found out to keep on top of them drinking enough water is too have them each have their own sippy cup. Watch how much they drink and encourage them to drink more, if they are not getting enough.  Half their weight = ounces in water.  Also, the skin test. When you press lightly on their skin, with your finger tips, if the skin doesn’t turn back to the same color relatively quickly and stays more whiter, they need more liquid.

Adding the Mint Essential Oils can help keep the body cooler also.
Adding Peppermint Essential Oil to the water bottle daily with other Essential Oils can help on regulating the bodies temperatures, reducing fever. It also can help with headaches, stomachaches, bronchial problems, flus and more.
 It also helps to keep you alert. So add it to water and see the difference. It is also good to add to water in a spray bottle, as it soothes and cools the skin.  Another of my favorites recipes is to add Essential Oils to citrus drinks.

Essential Oils Ice Drinks!

For those of you who are coffee drinkers, iced ones in particular. These mint ones make for great essential oils mixed with mocha or vanilla. The citrus ones are great with the vanilla iced coffees. Have you tried that at all? Delic!

Time to head on out to more sunshine, the fresh raspberries are calling again!

MnSue leaving you to be one cool person!

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