What Lurks In YOUR body? Are YOU cleansing?

Hello, MnSue here!

Here to chat about why one would want to do cleanses. Cleansing is very beneficial as when one takes
in many toxins and junk into our system from breathing, eating, bathing etc. Through the pores of our skin
and through the air we breathe in.
The foods we eat now a days can be exposed to toxic chemicals sprayed to the preservatives they put on
them to look pretty and freshly picked. Also, when they make the packaged foods they put in stuff we cannot
even pronounce half the time. You look up the word on the Internet and many times it is another type of preservative
that is similar to one already out there just a new or fancier way to write it, to confuse us. I love
how my husband has always said, “If you cannot pronounce it, you just are better off not eating it!” :0

Also the high calorie, low in benefits of food products out in the market, they also can break down your body. Sugars can do all
kinds of things, many bugs feed off the sugars and sugars help contribute to inflammation. Which
inflammation leads to many killer diseases.
Another toxin to the body is when one is on prescriptions, over the counter and doctor prescribed. Many times, the lingering
effects are months, if not years to leave the body.  I know, how depressing  does it sound? Not meant to be depressing but the build can aid in depression, by the way. So I am informing you on how to help get rid of all that junk, we all have it!

So these are just a few reasons why detoxing is good for you.

I remember years ago, one of my good friends
telling me detoxing is good to do it with the seasons. Quarterly it is, so I found it nice and easy
to do it in January (right after all the holiday parties), April, July(love to do it after the 4th) and October. This way it is easy
enough to remember to do it. Sometimes, you may have to do it more than once, if you have not detoxed
ever with a program or have some illness/toxic build up in your system. It is good to go and see a
natural path doctor and have a good check up before starting one. This way, you can see if you need help
in any general area’s, to start with.
Young Living has a few different cleanses. My favorite is the “5 – day Nutritive Cleanse” as it is easy
and only takes 5 days. Also if you have never done them before, it is easy enough on the system, yet
effective and not long to do, only five days like the name of it. I have usually done a cleanse for 21
days (three weeks). I find, I feel so good afterwards.

This kit comes with three products;
Balance Complete (shake), Digest + Cleanse and NingXia Red. The cleanse works in two stages; breaking
down the toxins to make them water soluble and the second would be to remove the toxins from the body.
During these phases you also get the essential nutrients that enhance both phases.

The Cleanse comes with a regime to follow for the five days. Very simple to follow and do. One thing I
noticed is this program encourages snacking of fruit and nuts. Something I love to snack on. You can
eliminate the snacks if you find you don’t need them or want better results.
As July is the start of the third quarter, I thought I would touch on this important step in maintaining
a healthy lifestyle.

MnSue leaving you to enjoy
the benefits of these fantastic
products of Young Living Essential Oil line.

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