Why are YOU Working YOUR Home Based Business?


MnSue here and so thankful I am blessed with family and loved ones around me! When one stops to realize what all you are thankful for, the list will never end. Oh and by the way, I AM thankful THAT list never ends.

When this post will go out it will be Sunday. The day I love to be at church.  The day I love to be with my family and friends. Also my day to recharge. In other words, we are not just meant to work, day after day without a break, right?

The beauty of an online business and the blogging world is that you can schedule your post anytime you want, except to go into the past. 🙂  Some would say but then there is the down turn also, you can be reached much easier! I think most people realize we are all human and cannot be on the computer, 24/7.

So back to the Young Living business I have been blogging about, since mid January.  At this post I have done over 70 blogs. Amazing, hey? I am amazed too. The ability to write is a gift and is one I enjoy. So thankful I can share it with you.

So from this blog came a learning curve. A huge learning curve. Hours of researching and enjoying what I have learned. What I have to tell you, is my brain is great, just my memory is short. Thank goodness I have these blogs to reread or where would I be? Researching the same stuff over again. Yes, that would be me, MnSue. Go ahead and laugh at me, I do too!

So what I want to tell you, my friend. Is do not get lost in the time wasters that do not make you money. The fancy writings, the side buzz. Just be yourself, share your passion and have fun with what you do. Oh, and by the way, remember why you started working your home business in the first place.

One of mine was and is to be there for my family.

To be able to be there for them and enjoy them while they are at home. Before they grow up and out of the house! To also help my children when they get married and have children too. To be there for my husband, when he comes in the door from work. To also carry my personal faith through the next generations too.  I want to pass on this legacy of love. 

So, my friend. 

Be passionate about your business but not so much you forget your “why”! 

MnSue leaving you to have a blessed day!
I hope you are enjoying your family, as much as I do!

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