Why I chose Young Living Essential OIls for my Online Biz!

Hello, MnSue here!

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what you want to do when you grow up. Then other times it takes a change/loss in what you were doing(one of your passions you felt you were meant to do) to take another path. Many times for the better.

And yes, I am speaking from what has happened to me. 🙂

I was doing what I absolutely loved. I owned and ran a gift shop in the town I live in. Then we closed the store and the building in December of 2009. Here is the site, www.rubyannas.com just so you can see the glimsp of the other side of “MnSue” and all she did. Our family put our heart and soul into the business. My goal was to get this going into a franchise after we worked out the kinks. Well, it worked the opposite. The kinks worked us right out of the building! 🙂 I can smile about it now but then it was tough. Really tough. So tough I was fighting with anxiety and depression.

This is when one a good friend and cousin, came into the picture. She kept after me, reminding of the product I have used for years, off and on for over ten years. Knowing I wasn’t sleeping at night she would ask, “have you thought of trying lavender from Young Living?”.

 Finally to keep her quiet, I did.

Boy oh boy did it work. So well, in fact that next I was trying Frankincense for my depression.

Going from using the essential oils periodically knowing they worked but had hang ups with them to promoting them just hit me funny. I had to laugh at myself. Here I fought the business and now I am promoting the products.

So over a period of time I looked at my options of work I could do. First I had to figure in the husbands travel, raising teenagers and helping out my daughter with the grandbaby. Which I would find an excuse anyday of the week to do! Then I listed all the things I loved to do. Then third, I listed the cost of the options of things to do.

My first and favorite option was to start the business all over again. This would take cash flow. Which we did not have enough to support the store going back up. I calculated the start up cost of just even an online store and then growing into a brick and mortar one. Oh my. Next option.

Another favorite, working from home, with network marketing. The start up costs? Very low. Now to figure out which one. Oh…that’s right, Young Living was already under my nose with testimonials coming in left and right. How could I not?

There were some other options, going to get a 9 to 5 job but what about the children? There were other online businesses but the learning curve and expenses were there. How do we work this around the husbands job and his traveling with it? Not always easy with trying to work around another person’s job but I knew the networking or online world could do it for me.

I dived in and haven’t looked back other than to evaluate where I am and where I am going. So far, so good. The results are in. I have to keep working my online biz. I am enjoying all aspects of it other than the occasional time something goes array in the technical world!

So find a team and the company then work your biz and enjoy it!

MnSue leaving you to
 not just dream it
do it and love it!

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