Whatever YOU do, Do not step out of YOUR Comfort Zone!


Hello, MnSue here! I have been running into many different situations and thought of this topic, “Comfort Zone”. We don’t dare say our thoughts on a subject as it would be, “so not me”! I finally told myself if one doesn’t talk, one doesn’t share. I may make mistakes but how would I have not […]

Are YOU Attractive? Who are YOU attracting?


Hello, MnSue here! Okay, I am blushing with my headline. As I know all of you are thinking, “Now what are you writing on now, Sue?” Yes, I am going to cover, “Are you attractive?” Now I am going to hit you with another doosey! I am not talking about your looks. Sorry! I am […]

Smokey Smell? Bad Scents From Diaper Pail, Home or Garage?


Hello, MnSue here! Wondering why I am bringing up the smoker’s smell? Ever passed on a beautiful top or some article of clothing as it has smokers smell on it, from a garage sale? I have and always wondered how to get it out. What about a car? What about a home? What I would do […]