Are YOU Attractive? Who are YOU attracting?

Hello, MnSue here!

Okay, I am blushing with my headline. As I know all of you are thinking, “Now what are you writing on now, Sue?”

Yes, I am going to cover, “Are you attractive?”
Now I am going to hit you with another doosey! I am not talking about
your looks.
I am talking about what you wear for scent.
I remember a few years back (oh yes, story time again) and
one of my very good friends then.
Loved perfume.
Loved perfume so much, she thought, “more was better!”
I am sure we all have friends like that.
I used to jokingly ask her,
“Now why did you take that shower earlier,
you should have waited until after
you applied all that smelly stuff,
‘cuz now you
really need that shower!”
Okay, okay.
But really. We all have been by them. You cannot miss them.
Whether your nose was
stuffed up that day or not, you smelt them.
So in a kind and loving respect to those around you.
Please, do not layer on too
many scents.
Good or bad, thick or thin.
We all can still smell it.
No, we do not need to use scentsy shampoo
then another wild smelling conditioner
after that the flowery powder
and then the fruity perfume.
You guys thought I would let
you off the hook?
Think again~
WildGame of Hunters Forest
for DippetyDoGel
Does not sit well with me
Either does
Lil’ Hunter’s Dog Breath
Pass for Cologne
Or Sweaty Socks
pass for Aromatherapy
But we can
use all things in moderation
and be considerate of our fellow friend
who’se eyes are watering
from constant
bombardment from the
lotion and potion
This is a different kind of attraction.
Or should I say,
We all are attracted to others
for friendship and business
I would hate to see
you bomb it
right out of the hatch.
So I will leave you with this question,
“Are you attractive or distractive with your scents?”
MnSue leaving you
to gather up all them scents
and make some sense
of your “attraction marketing”. 😉
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