Smokey Smell? Bad Scents From Diaper Pail, Home or Garage?

Hello, MnSue here!

Wondering why I am bringing up the smoker’s smell? Ever passed on a beautiful top or some article of clothing as it has smokers smell on it, from a garage sale? I have and always wondered how to get it out. What about a car? What about a home?

What I would do first, as I don’t want you buying a car or a house and telling me, “YOU said it would take the smokers smell out!” and I am in hot water. So my disclaimer is that you try this out first on something smaller. For example clothing, plastic toys, etc. I am not liable for what you do but I will tell you what I do and have done. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes the item is so ruined there is no way to get it out, like them really smelly socks (just kidding). But I try many ways and I have found one really good way for a few different things in our home.

  The Thieves Mouthwash gets rid of the smell on the breath. Thank goodness!Sometimes after you eat something like garlic or a strong odorous food it can linger for sometime, scarying everyone off. The Thieves Mouthwash works for hours afterwards. I love that side effect, don’t you?

I like to use the Thieves Cleaner in my home, as it gets rid of bad smells that drive me crazy. Plastic dish that had something left over in it, that absorbed all the garlic or something I am not a fan of ~ mold! I let it soak with Thieves or the Purification sprayed on it, full force. Do not have to worry about the oils getting in your food, as they are good for you unlike majority of cleaners on the market.

When after cooking and I have had enough of the smell. Out pops the Purification and on goes the diffuser! Soon the house is smelling fantastic! Haven’t found anything I like better to clear the air! Too many of the products on the market have some type of junk in them.

Also, for you smokers who do smoke in cars. Wipe down your car with a rag and some Thieves Cleaner added to it. Or if you like the easy way out, the Thieves Wipes. Then I would have a cottonball or a car diffuser going constantly in my car with Thieves once again. Or some citrus or Purification, if you wish. ๐Ÿ™‚

What about those monkey wrenchers? ๐Ÿ˜‰ The mechanic that works from home that loves to get the garage just smelling dandy? Well, there again. Get another diffuser out in the garage and keep the hummer going.

How about daycares? Those diaper pails…arghhh.  The bathrooms in restaurants and elsewhere? I would keep just about any essential oil going around them places. Just to wipe out the scent!

How about in the attic or wherever you store your wool items? Keep Cedarwood on a cottonball and leave that close by in a baggie, zipped shut and just poke a few pin holes through the bag. Remember not to saturate the cottonball as you would hate to have any oil stains on the wool clothing.

How about your entry way as you great your guest? Citrus scents seem to have the best affect on majority of people, so keep a diffuser going close by with something, soft and pleasing to the sniffer.

Last but not least…your own purfume.

Do you smell of natural scents (haha) or otherwise. I perfer to dab on just a drop in the morning of whatever oil I feel like wearing. It is never the same but is fun to mix and match sometimes too.  I had a good laugh the other day, as I was waiting for this gal to help me at a business. She asked me what perfume I was wearing, as she just loved it. I had to stop and think, as I love to change them around in the morning. “What essential oil did I put on this morning?”  Were my thoughts. I had to chuckle as I couldn’t remember which oil I had used that morning as it had become such a habit to grab one bottle of oil, read it, dab it on and onto the next item on the agenda. I finally realized it was Frankincense. I do not like to put much on, as some people can have allergies and I would not want to overwhelm them and have them sneezing all over me. So light application is good enough for me.

So…have fun with Essential Oils from Young Living and take care to scent yourself with a good essential oil. So many can companies can make claims. Use essential oils from a trusted company, do your homework. What I have found from experience with
using essential oils, is if you use cheap ones, they tend to be “oiled” down and not so effective that you end up using so much more and still not having the benefits of the real stuff! Also having a reaction to the cheaper made ones.

MnSue leaving you to
start with a few Essential oils
to chase away the smelly scents
and inhale in the good scents.
Now that just makes, plain ol’ good
doesn’t it?

P.S. I could write and write and write some more on areas of the house or places that we go, that can use Essential Oils. Hmmm, maybe it is time for a book already. What do you think?

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