Whatever YOU do, Do not step out of YOUR Comfort Zone!

Hello, MnSue here!

I have been running into many different situations and thought of this topic, “Comfort Zone”. We don’t dare say our thoughts on a subject as it would be, “so not me”! I finally told myself if one doesn’t talk, one doesn’t share. I may make mistakes but how would I have not known, if I had not shared? Why is it, no matter what we do we always fall back into our comfort zone?

 Not to feel out of place?
 Not to look different?

 It is really interesting, when you look at the conversations you have with people and listen, really listen. I was thinking about a chat with someone. They were going to sit tight and wait out the selling of their place, for various reasons. Out of their comfort zone? I think so. Someone recently has been not doing well. Try a different path for your health? Out of their comfort zone. I am sure, you will see it when you start listening to all the conversations around you. It is amazing. I am sure I say things without thinking too. Because, I too, am out of the comfort zone.

I keep running across people who have never heard of essential oils. I find that absolutely amazing. How can one not know about them, I wonder? Hmmm, I remember being told about the oils but wasn’t interested. I remember having them around in the beginning and being overwhelmed with what all you can do with them. So clammed out and ignored the bottles. Did the bottles go away? No, my comfort zone eventually got chipped away at by those little glass bottles. 😉

So the next time you find yourself wondering what is in those glass bottles. Research them. Don’t ignore them. I think of the years of my off and on use of them, not fully understanding the value of these gems! So glad I do now. I constantly am looking up something with essential oils. I am now even looking into many different health issues and amazed at how essential oils can help us, in our everyday needs.

 All of this because I chose to finally
step out of my comfort zone and found out I
 enjoy learning on essential oils and our health.

For example, did you know that cancer feeds off of sugar, including white flour? I have known that for a while but was amazed the other day when someone asked me if I knew. I thought everyone knew that. Yes, lately I have been really checking out and researching cancer. Cannot wait to finish the books we have on cancer. My husband is reading one and I, the other. Cancer scares me. So I told myself, research it, don’t be afraid of it. Share what you know and pass it along. So thankful to be learning so much on healthy living all because I stepped out of my cushy comfort zone. 

There are so many natural ways to take care of your health and essential oils are one of many.

So feel free to step out of the zone and start learning!

 You may surprise yourself on this one, stepping out of the comfort zone. Soon you will be a pro at whatever you tried and be sharing it with all of us!

Enjoy the stepping stones to new adventures
Out of the Comfort Zone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful blogs, including mine, I appreciate it.new at blogging,not a writer, but a photographer, so the words are usually few and the photos…
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. You are welcome! So happy you like them and love to share others work!