Young Living’s #1 Thieves Toothpaste

Hello, MnSue here!

I have been using the Young Living’s Thieves Toothpaste, Dentarome Ultra. I really love the toothpaste in the sense that one only has to use a drop of it and it goes a long way in the two minutes of brushing ones teeth!

I now have incorperated the Norwex Silver Coated Toothbrush in my regime. I really love the testimonies coming out from the parties.  One is not have to have your teeth scraped and cleaned of plaque as there is no build up. Then another person mentioned adding the Theives toothpaste and how it helped them with receding gum line. Back into the normal range. I too have had the same awesome results. One cannot say there isn’t anything awesome about brushing your teeth now, can one? I love the idea of these awesome product lines working hand in hand together.

Would you like to order the Thieves Toothpaste?

Would you like to order the toothbrushes?

I love both these product lines and so thankful to be using them in my home.

MnSue leaving you to have squeaky clean teeth! 🙂

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Norwex Independent Sales Consultant &
Young Living Distributor


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