Happy Valentine’s Day! Random drawing for Lavender Essential Oil!

Hello, MnSue here with a fun filled way to win a bottle of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil.

 One must reside in the United States, one must be 18 years of age. You also can only enter three post to get your name pulled from the drawing. Each post must have only one way to use lavender essential oil and not be a repeat of a previous post. If it is, I will not count that as a winner. Sorry!

Have fun, we will let this drawing go until we hit the 101 posts!

MnSue leaving you to go post!!


  1. I use Lavender to go to sleep. I put it on the bottom of my feet and on my forehead.

    • Hello Tamara 2112,

      CAn you please put your entry on my fanpage on facebook (a link to it is on the left side of my blog)? There you can put 3 seperate entries where others have. Thank you & I appreciate you, MnSue

  2. I use lavender to calm my children throught the day and night!

    • Hello Little Bella Momma 3~

      Can I have you please put your 3 entries on the fanpage on facebook. The link is on the left of my http://www.oilstoday.com page, if you do not have it yet. Then go to the posting on lavender where everyone is posting their comments. Thank you so much, MnSue 🙂

  3. I put lavender on the jawline of my babies & children while teething.

  4. I put lavender behind my children’s ears and down their necks when they have an earache.

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  6. I like it for irritated skin!!

    • Hello Petey 4 Health,

      Please go to my fanpage on the side of the page and go to the post on that page that everyone is leaving their comments on how they use the lavender, there you can enter 3 times also. Thank you so much, MnSue 🙂

  7. When the kids get burns, it is soothing and heals skin the best!

  8. I put it on my client when I give a soothing massage!

  9. I am a number one fan of lavender oil as you can see here. All the comments above are relevant, how lucky we are to have this wonderful natural remedy.