Abundance In 7


Hello, MnSue here! I am having such a beautiful time in Phoenix, Az. Stopping in and touching base with friends and family and getting to know my nieces and nephews! We have had evening moments of foot massages with couple of my favorite Young Living Essential Oils; Lavender and Peace & Calming. I love it, […]

Thyroid Misfiring? Tired of being Tired? Don’t Fall Asleep On This Post!


Hello, MnSue here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona this week! Thank you for the gift of beautiful sunny 70-80 degree days! I am enjoying this lovely weather and the welcoming homes! Today, I want to write about the thyroid and when it goes willy wompas and wants to work overtime and wipes us out. Or put […]

7 Top Reasons Enzymes Should Be In YOUR Diet!


Hello, MnSue here with a few tips on why enzymes should be in everyone’s diet. I have put out a couple of tips on my fanpage on Facebook(www.facebook.com/oilstoday) why Young Living Enzymes should be in your diet and now I feel it is a good time to blog about the 7 top reasons. First of all, here is why […]