7 Top Reasons Enzymes Should Be In YOUR Diet!

Hello, MnSue here with a few tips on why enzymes should be in everyone’s diet.

I have put out a couple of tips on my fanpage on Facebook(www.facebook.com/oilstoday) why Young Living Enzymes should be in your diet and now I feel it is a good time to blog about the 7 top reasons.

First of all, here is why enzymes are needed in the diet. In this article, it is explained from this website posting (http://www.naturesenzymes.com/?page_id=1556 ), in nature, how enzymes work, very similar to our bodies.

“Enzymes are part of a group of organic proteins known as amino acids and are found in all living things. They are as old as life itself. Without enzymes, there would be no life. If enzymes were totally absent, then life would cease. When there is a partial reduction of availability of enzymes, then life is reduced. They are ‘activists’. All activity of life depends on them. The greening of leaves in spring, the ripening of foods, the digestion and absorption of food — all require enzymes. Without enzymes, seeds could not sprout and the soil could not produce, therefore fruits and crops would not ripen or grow.”

1) First of all, our bodies work really hard to heal and if we are working on a particular area of the body to heal, all the more reasons to take enzymes, to lighten the load for repairing.

2) Enzymes can speed the rate of healing.

3) Enzymes can help give the body a much needed rest when breaking down foods in the stomach and else where, so the body can continue to give the much needed energy into the area needing for healing and not have to slow down to send energy to the digestive track.

4)Yet, they also can help in the area also needing help to heal. So, they can be simultaneously be working all over the body for different areas. Here again is a simplified form of what they do,
“Enzymes as a whole are the “take charge” catalysts. They perform an action, but do not become part of the action. An analogy is using a fire to cook some food. The fire is comparable to an enzyme in that the fire cooks the food but does not become part of it. You do not eat the fire. Yet, without the fire you would not be able to cook it.”

I personally think, that enzymes have not been given much recognition for the part they play in ones body, so they haven’t been noticed for the amazing ability they have. When combined with Young Living Essential Oils they can pack a pretty powerful punch in aiding the bodies reaction to diseases of the body. Yet again, from this same website they go on to explain where the enzymes work in nature, very similar to our body.

“All bacteria can carry an enzyme. Hybrid bacteria produce selective enzymes like pectinase, cellulose, lipase and protease. Mother Nature produces these plus hundreds of others. Each type of enzyme is engineered to function differently; one specific enzyme cannot do the task of another. In a pond we have leaf litter, grass clippings, organic pond sediment (muck), etc. Each contaminant is different and needs a specific enzyme to digest its matter. So if one type of bacteria does not work in a particular water garden situation (each has different needs), then it’s important to try another. Mother Nature’s bacteria functions better than that if hybrid bacteria because of the broad spectrum of enzymes she produces.”

5) Just as we feed our body many different types of food, there is different enzymes in Essentialzyme-4 from Young Living to help break them down. Essentialzyme-4 can break down fats, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and processed food. Another beneficial bonus of Essentialzymes-4 is that it is infused with essential oils to soothe the digestive track also.

6)  Sulfurzyme another good product is great in that it has enzymes combined with MSM and another day I will blog on the benefits of MSM. Enzymes in this product are geared more for the whole body, not just the digestive track. I love to take 2-4 of these daily, prefer in the morning and then the with the last meal of the day.

7) Last but not least, add in enzymes to your quarterly body cleanses. Enzymes really boost the body when working so hard at getting rid of things it doesn’t need. It also needs support and balancing of the body when doing cleansing. Enzymes again, help the body detoxify. I like to use Young Living’s products like “Complete Balance” or the “Cleansing Trio” to detoxify. Otherwise Detoxyme, Digest & Cleanse are a couple other single products to use.

Enzymes play an important part in ones body, to keep it working optimally. So give YOUR body a break and add enzymes to your daily regime.

Until the next blog~

Enjoy your day, I will as it is sunny and close to 80 here in Arizona today!
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Thank you to this fantastic site, on helping me explain so easily how enzymes work, so everyone can visualize it, http://www.naturesenzymes.com/?page_id=1556!

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