Do You Have 101 Empty Essential Oil Bottles?

Hello, MnSue here!

With so many ways to go green now a days with our empty containers from our food and personal use, keep in mind you can recycle them brown glass bottles from Young Living also.

But before you do that, you can do a few things with those little bottles.

1) You can continue to use them for smelling. They work great for just having in a container for friends and family if they wonder what one smells like, without having to open a new one or give your bottle away.

2)  You can also add a little from your full bottle into an empty one, to give some away, for someone to sample.

3) You can put the empty containers into a tub to have a great cocktail of Young Living Essential Oils in your bath water. Remember to add a carrier like Bath and Shower Gel from Young Living, Epsom Salt, Bath Salt, baking soda or something similar so they don’t just float on the top of the water.

4) You can use in your shows/booths for letting others smell the scents, without having to display your new bottles on the table for fear of the new bottles being opened.

5) Make room sprays with them, adding them to a bucket of very warm water, Epsom salt/baking soda, and the empty bottles and caps. Then pore the water into a spray bottle for room sprays.  Label with contents.

6) You can divide up a full bottle of oils into few empty ones for different rooms (like one for my bedside, one for the kitchen, bathroom and office).

7) Use them in cooking, baking and drinks, by adding a teaspoon of of a good vegetable oil to the bottle and use in cooking. Remember to write on cap, diluted for cooking. 🙂

8) Carry them in your purse, car, bag, suitcase or wherever you may need them when out and about to refresh the air or need to be uplifted, or to have others smell them also.

9) Use them to make cleaning supplies. Like the empty Thieves, Lemon bottles can be rinsed out in very warm almost hot water and baking soda. Kept in a spray bottle for cleaning the counters, toilets, floors, etc. Remember to label.  The Thieves Empty Spray bottles work great for this also.

10) Make bath salts.

11) Use in water to diffuse in any room.

12) Make candles.

13) Bath bombs.

14) Make potpourri.

15) Last but not least, remember to recycle them where they recycle brown glass. These little bottles all add up and don’t take up much space in the recycle bin for size.

I am sure you can find more ways to use the last few drops in Young Living Essential Oil bottles then what I came up with.  I am just letting you start your creative juices with a little leftover Young Living Essential Oil in them.

 Like I love to demo out to my kids when baking.

 They think they have all the cupcake batter out of the bowl, I take the scraper and get enough for one more cupcake. So imagine what is on the inside of that little brown glass bottle of essential oil, maybe a few drops or more?

Enjoy your day and I hope I have given you some more drops of oil to use!

MnSue leaving you to fly again ~

Phoenix here I come!

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