Flying On An Airplane? Ear Pressure? Sinus Pressure?

Hello, MnSue here with another fun blog!

I started my journey some years ago with Young Living Essential Oils. Over the last few years I have been getting back to sharing the knowledge, I have gained. So nice when you can find simple remedies to help with something that can cause so much pain and with me, hearing loss!

A few years back I was traveling and must have had a head infection, of some sort. My head got plugged up and didn’t clear, until a week after flying. During the flight, I had a constant stinging around the ears and jawline. I had so much pressure built up, my head felt like it would explode out from the ears. All I could do was hold my head down, to hide the tears. It hurt so bad. Well, it ended up with a 30% loss in my left ear after two flights back to back. That isn’t so bad you say, well for me it was. I am already at a total hearing loss in my right ear. So, I am okay with it, until I cannot hear you speak to me!

With knowing my past, I have been hesitant to fly again.

I took the baggie full of liquids we are allowed on the plane. I had Lavender, Peppermint, Valor, Progessence Plus, Peace and Calming, Slique(new oil blend for appetite control, as of this blog posting, one can only buy it with the new Slique Weight Loss Kit from Young Living), Lemon and a few others.

Well, when the plane was ready for take off, I told my companions in the same row as me, “Excuse me but I am going to be putting on some essential oils for pressure relief when we go up, I hope you do not mind.” They both said, “No, go ahead, by all means.” So I continued on and applied the Valor roll on. I rolled it around my ears (careful not to go next to my hearing aid so it will not get wrecked from moisture) on the bone. Then I went under the jaw bone and over, up into the temple area. Then I went to my neck(front and back) and rolled it on all the muscles that were tight.

Wow! It loosened up the muscles in the neck area and I felt relaxed, already. I then took the Peace and Calming and applied a drop on my left wrist. Then I rubbed my left wrist on the right wrist and inhaled Peace and Calming, off of my wrists, deeply. How relaxing! I think I was not the only one who calmed down on this drop of Peace and Calming. My fellow travelers on each side of me, seemed to relax too.

I did this on every flight I took, which totaled three. It worked on all three of them! Wow, what a relief knowing I found a remedy after numerous other ways I have tried from ear plugs, to sinus meds, from motion sickness tablets to drinking lots of water before flying. I tried too many things to remember them all anymore. I don’t care either, what all they were. I am just happy I have found an oil that worked and made my flight a pleasant one!!!

Thank you, Young Living, once again for helping me. The product line is tops!!

Looking for relief from flying pressure?  Look no further, to order! Product tab is on the left, Valor Roll On, so it is easy to apply.

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  1. That’s great, I have to try that next time.

  2. I was really excited to stumble on this one, thank goodness I did. I love to the idea of flying. 🙂