Do You Have 101 Empty Essential Oil Bottles?


Hello, MnSue here! With so many ways to go green now a days with our empty containers from our food and personal use, keep in mind you can recycle them brown glass bottles from Young Living also. But before you do that, you can do a few things with those little bottles. 1) You can […]

Flying On An Airplane? Ear Pressure? Sinus Pressure?


Hello, MnSue here with another fun blog! I started my journey some years ago with Young Living Essential Oils. Over the last few years I have been getting back to sharing the knowledge, I have gained. So nice when you can find simple remedies to help with something that can cause so much pain and with me, hearing loss! […]

Sharing My Passion On Young Living Essential Oils


Hello, MnSue here with a quick tip on whatever you do in life, do it with passion! Hello friends of mine, I am sure I haven’t met all of you in person but I would like to encourage you with your passion in life. Whatever it maybe, in your dreams. I am a fan of […]