Have you been fighting your body?

Hello, MnSue here!
I know this sounds like a funny header but I had to ask that simple question. It stems from those of you out there that have illnesses, diseases and other issues you are working on, within your body. It comes down to this. If you are trying to heal your body, you need to help it all you can, to get better. In other words, when you eat food, it can sometimes take hours to break down animal protein.
So here, is where I like to suggest that one can help their body repair quicker. If you are taking good shakes or juices your body can assimilate the food much quicker and use it’s energy to do the repair for the problems of the body, instead of the food.
It is not just the stomach that breaks down food,there are other organs that step up to the plate and have to help out this process. So the more we can help our bodies heal, the better.
Also, don’t give it food that is full of preservatives, additives. It works against the system as the body doesn’t know what to do with them and many times ends up storing it, as a preventative measure. So there sits the junk, somewhere within the body in one of the organs.

BTW: Great read here: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=additives&view=detail&id=40E7FDA72D59C62356A0C2EF117B24FEAA9E329B&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR

That is why it is important to quarterly do cleanses. Clean out the system and give it a break. A much needed break. You will be surprised how good one can feel after doing a cleanse. I feel light as a feather after doing a cleanse. I love how it helps you get the junk built up, out of the body.
Here is a link to learn more on the cleanse;
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So, in closing I would like to ask you if your sink was backed up, would you let it be? No, you would unplug it, somehow. This is what you need to do for you, your body. Give it what it needs and craves. Good nutrition and a way to keep your bodily pipes moving, without getting backed up.
So start with a good protein shake that easy to assimilate for the body and no junk in it.
This in turn can keep the pipes running smoothly also.
Until the next time,,,take care!
MnSue 🙂
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