7 tips for taking Essential Oils Internally

Hello, MnSue here with seven tips to help you with taking essential Oils internally:

1) First, make sure they are quality therapeutic grade essential oils. No fillers, additives and are pure essential oils(sometimes they will fill in with a cheaper essential oil to cut the cost on the original essential oil).  This is one of the many reasons, I chose Young Living Essential Oils Company.

2) Second, make sure they are from a reputable company, as to a novice or an expert, other additives can be added without one knowing. Therefore, third party verification. There can be veriations in the scent from one bottle to another, as even crops can vary in the amount of watering, wind, sunshine, etc from season to season. That is perfectly fine. The quality is still there.

3) Watch your amounts you take in, as one to three drops is sufficient, many times, unless you have a major infection or something going on.

4) The time you take them, doesn’t really matter, other than if it is an oil like peppermint, that tends to awaken one’s senses. For example; when I add peppermint in the evening to a blend, I usually do less of this oil and lavender I tend to use more of as it relaxes me before bed. To have the essential oils enhance an organ, one can take them during a specific time of day, but ultimately just get them in you! πŸ™‚

5) One can take this by the drops straight into the mouth. I prefer on inside of check, if I don’t like the taste but otherwise under the tongue, if I want a quicker response. One can also take it in capsules. Also with food, when cooking or making desserts. Wonderful in smoothies and juices.

6)I tend to always put a drop of V-6 or a good vegetable oil mixed in with the essential oil, so when one takes them internally with a capsule, it isn’t so tough on the tissues internally, shaking the capsule before swallowing.

7) Last but not least, when taking capsules, coat the outside with a good vegetable oil. This helps them go down easier, also if the capsule starts to break down before it hits the stomach, it is diluted with a good vegetable oil on the outside, so it doesn’t irritate the  throat or esophagus either. Citrus oils tend to break down the capsules, the quickest.

Next blog will cover the details of how to look for good quality essential oils. πŸ™‚
MnSue leaving you to enjoy your day!
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  1. Is this oil’s are okay for health? previously I have used XXX oil, but I get side effects after start of using that.

    Daily Health Tips

  2. Nikki, I am not sure what oils you are using, so I cannot say. I use Young Living Essential Oils and trust them. YOu can contact me personally via my fanpage, private email. Thank you! Sue πŸ™‚