7 Tips for Looking For Essential Oils

Hello, MnSue here!

When looking for a company that has essential oils, it can be overwhelming as companies all tell you their product is the best. They are all pure, they are from the top growers and top notch product.

Okay, we all know that can be true.

What they may not tell you is what to look for, or not look for, in a pure essential oil.

1.) First, when sampling out a single oil, one should not smell multiple scents. This means there is a filler of some sort, sometimes a different essential oil that can help them cut cost so they don’t use so much of the main ingredient, in this case, another essential oil or vegtable oil base is added, typically.

2.) Sometimes alcohol fillers are used, so when cap is left off, the oils can disappate into the air, having you go through your oil quicker and also, not pure again.

3.) How are they harvested and what part of the world are they from? Some plants/trees need to be harvested at certain times to have a better quality oil. Therefore, knowing the growers and that they know their product and what it is being used for, helps to make a better pick! 😉

4.) How they are processed? What was the temperture they processed, what type of container, how long? For each type of oil they are different. Blends are a different. Steam distilled or otherwise? Is the company known for producing good quality essential oils?

5.) How are they stored. In what type of container? Should be a dark glass so the essential oil doesn’t brake down over time from the light and also to not absorb the packaging into the oil( as in plastic containers).

6.) I would not buy any product for therapautic uses if it is labeled as floral water, perfume or fragrance.

7.)  Do your homework, after 12+ years of using essential oils. I have tried over the counter, store bought essential oils. I have tried other brands out there. I have not been to excited to say that line, other than to tell you, I cannot complain, I have found the ultimate company with my research. Young Living is the leader in essential oils, world wide. So, I am thankful to all the work Young Living has done, to make it easier for all of you to do your homework these days.

Enjoy essential oils, they are great quality products through Young Living Essential Oils.

Leaving you to enjoy your week with family! In United States, it is the 4th of July week! We are enjoying the hot weather here in Minnesota!



  1. I am so glad to see you helping people with this issue of good quality essential oils. I am horrified at some of the inferior quality that is out on the market. My lavender oil is harvested from the worlds finest lavender fields in Provence is a national protected region and certainly NO alcohol fillers used. You can check it out here <a href=”http://www.celialindsell.com/category.php?cid=7”>here</a>

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