Size Matters!

Hello, MnSue here!!!

Size Matters…sometimes.

I had a question asked of me today.

 “What size empty capsule should one buy?”

Should they buy “0” or “00” size?

I prefer buying the double “0””. Why? So when I use a stronger essential oil internally, I can add a good vegtable oil or Young Living’s V-6 oil to dilute it so it isn’t so strong for my stomach. Also so you can add more than one essential oil at a time, to have enough room for about 20 drops of oil total.

Sometimes when a health issue is really bothersome, it needs a little extra kick with the oils, internally. This is how I like to do it, by just adding a two to three drops of a few different kinds of Young Living Essential Oils and adding a drop or two of V-6, into the capsule. I like to shake the essential oils up in the capsule and then coat the capsule with the V-6 on the outside, to have it slide down quicker and not start to dissolve on it’s way down, especially with any citrus oils inside the capsule.

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