#1 Coconut Brand In My Home


  Hello Minnesota Sue here and sharing my product reviews! I have been using coconut oil for many years in my home. It all started with using it in capsules for the many health benefits I read up on it. Then it went to trying many store bought ones, to online ones and an awesome […]

Stress? What Stress? Essential Oils Works Wonders On Stress!


Hello, MnSue here!  One elderly lady, years ago told me (when my children were little) that time sure flies, the older you get the years feel like months and months seem like days. I totally can relate. I just did three blogs in a row, that ended on Saturday and it is already Tuesday morning. Excuse me, but did I […]

Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 9 – Valor


Hello, Minnesota Sue here with another post about the “Everyday Oils Kit”. The last bottle of nine, the “Valor” blend. Valor is another one of my favorites and you will soon understand why. I cannot travel(as in fly) without it.  Valor works best on the feet and also on the back of the neck and around […]