Kiss Them Meds Away!

Young Living Everyday Kit with 9 Essential Oils + Body = Kiss Them Meds Away

Hello, MnSue here and I want to tell you that I have been very happy with learning about Young Living Essential Oils. It hasn’t come easy, as it has for some people. It took me a few turns at the wheel to get my vehicle going in the right direction. Yes, I needed to be towed back a time or two. My understanding of essential oils was rusty to say the least. 😉

First time I was introduced to essential oils I tried to figure out why my skin burned after going into a tub of very warm water and just essential oils. It framed my mind for a very long time of essential oils are potent. So, when in doubt add V-6 to any essential oils when put on directly to the skin or when bathing to add baking soda, Epsom salt or bath gel. Something to dilute it and not cause a strong reaction to the sensitive skin. Anything, to not turn one off, from essential oils for years, like I did. Then, when I came back the second time, the timing wasn’t right. I was using the essential oils personally but didn’t understand the marketing plan nor did I want to learn at that time, I was too blooming busy with my store front. :))  The third time or have I lost count? Was the time I lost my store and I needed something to keep me from sinking into depression and help me sleep at night. Thankfully I had a good friend who would not give up on me and insisted for me to just order the $40 kit to start with again and the rest is history.

I am so blessed to have this product in my life. As my husbands last complaint was the other day, “I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t find any pain reliever, again, in the medicine cabinet.” Oh did I bust up laughing. I told him, “Sorry, when I am sleeping I cannot read your mind or know you are needing pain meds, so please wake me up to hand you a bottle of essential oil to handle the problem.” Then I asked, “What was the problem?” He stated, “I think I might have had food poisoning and had a slight headache and my stomach didn’t feel right.” Okay, now I looked at him and said, “Next time your stomach isn’t right, take Digize and sprinkle on stomach and massage counter clockwise, into the belly. For your headache, there is so many, my first grab during the day would be peppermint but in the middle of the night, probably Panaway.” Hmmm, got me to thinking..I need to print off the list of the oils for the appropriate health issue, so next time he pulls open the medicine cupboard, I have the list hanging from the top and he can go to the oil stash and use whatever he needs. For that matter even the kids can. :)) Baby is now 15, I don’t need to dispense the meds, as they are the oils. :))

So, now I have expanded my Young Living Everyday Oils from 9 to countless others for our medicine chest. It is with excitement I say this. I find that I am so fortunate to not have to be on a few different medicines and worrying about the side effects like I have in the past. I am so blessed to have this product line from a company I can trust. Everytime I see a bottle of Frankincense, I think of how I so fortunate to have friends in my life who wouldn’t let me down. That knew I needed this product in my medicine chest.

Want to learn more on the oils and how I have replaced them? I will be covering in the following blogs, each of the 9 oils in the “Everyday Kit”. Then YOU can see why I love them as much as I do!

Until the next blog, have a beautiful day ~

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