Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 2 of 9 – Peppermint Essential Oil

Hello, Minnesota Sue here with Peppermint Essential Oil from Young Living, the second bottle of nine essential oils I will cover from the “Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit”.

Most of us can relate to peppermint from the all famous candy cane at Christmas time and then those red and white round peppermint candies.
Either way, the taste and the smell are associated with good times.
The Peppermint Essential Oil is another well used essential oil in our home.

1) Added to coffee and cream, you now have a peppermint mocha!
2) Added over the other oils you use on your skin, it will drive the oil in deeper.
3) Over the stomach for stomach aches and pains, even mild form of food poisoning.
4) Great mental and physical pick upper! Just by sniffing straight from the bottle, or diffusing.
5) Helps with sinuses. On back of neck, temple, forehead. Careful around eyes, wash your hands thoroughly after using all oils. 🙂

6) Helps reduce fatigue/stress.
7) Great to smell before working out.
8) Also good in teas. Remember to use with toothpick, so you don’t use too much.
9) Drop on tongue, hold to roof of mouth and you can feel the sinuses, stuffy nose clear up. Great then, for feeling uplifted. Also for morning sickness, nausea.
10) Headache? Drop on back of neck, then rub access on forehead/temples.
11) Flavor your water.

12) Bad Breathe? Drop on tongue.
13) Colic/constipation/flu/gas? Rub on bellie with good vegetable oil.
14) Liver issues/anger? Rub on stomach area of liver.
15) Radiation Exposure? Mist over body after shower.
16) Feeling like you cannot breathe/asthma problems? Rub over lung area and drop onto tongue.

17) Motion Sickness? Drop on tongue…yes again. See a pattern? Easy, right?
18) Fever? Blend with Lavender and V-6 or a good vegetable oil and all over body. If not possible, then do feet/wrist/belly/back/neck or whatever areas you can get too.
19) Need to study better? Diffuse peppermint or smell from bottle periodically.

Peppermint Essential Oil is also great used in baking. I love using Peppermint Essential Oil in cookie dough, fudge, cakes and more at Christmas time.Uplifts one when diffusing at the holidays. Who doesn’t have a favorite friend who always smelled like mints? I remember the grandma who gave us mints in church. She was a treasure trove of candy but I remember her bench smelling like mints. She was a precious cute friend.

The memories with Peppermint are many but lets get you learning and using Peppermint Essential Oil.

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Next blog post up will be, “Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 3 – Lemon Essential Oil”

Until then, enjoy learning and cannot wait to see you on facebook!

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