Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 3 of 9 – Lemon Essential Oil


Here I am again, MnSue is back to Essential Oil three out of nine, of the “Start Living With Essential Oil Kit”, Lemon Oil.

Oh gosh…can I tell you this one is my favorites too? I cannot help it if I have sooo many favorite essential oils. Young Living can make it difficult there, when they come out with so many awesome products and one has to pick favorites. :O

Lemon Essential Oil is made from the rind of the fruit. Not the inside juice or the pulp, the rind. Yes, I get people looking at me funny when I say this but it is true. There is many health benefits in this and it tastes delicious also!

Here are the many benefits I have found for lemon essential oil;

1) To take off sticky residue from stickers, food, etc
2) To raise the ph of any water you are drinking

3)  Helps to gently cleanse the liver, I love to add to water first thing and drink in the morning.
4)  Helps with mental clarity
5) Helps with stress/anxiety
6) Again, good for asthma, bronchitis and more of the lung issues
7) Helps to balance emotions
8) Great for infections in throat
9) Food poisoning, yes again this comes up!
10) Blood pressure problems
11) Muscle aches/pains
12) Disinfecting the air, room freshener, cleaning(greasy food)

13) Reduces Fever
14) Digestion issues
15) Lymph System
16) Memory Improvement
17) Nerves, can help balance
18) Can help with strengthening nails
19) Great in cooking/baking

20) Lemonade or Lemon/Orangeade

21) In bath salts for uplifting

Citrus essential oils are in general, good for mood enhancing, helping digestive track, refreshing scent.

Wish I could tell you I am leaving you to another Lemon cake drizzled with Lemon Frosting but I cannot tell you that!
Have another beautiful day~
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