Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 4 of 9- Thieves Essential Oil

Amazing, we are already on the fourth bottle of essential oils from the Everyday Kit from Young Living!

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So here is the 4th bottle in line “Thieves Essential Oil Blend” from Young Living.

Why Such a name for this brown bottle covered in a brown label?

“Thieves,” I hear people say as the come out of my bathroom, “What is Thieves Foaming Hand Soap all about?” I also hear, “Oh, I just love the smell of whatever soap is in your bathroom!” I have to tell you Young Living hit the ground running when this line came out! I know it is my favorite line of products, within Young Living. I use every single product so far that has come out with the Thieves Essential Oil in it.

Back to the legend of the name, “Thieves”! The Thieves blend was founded on the the grave robbers, back in France, 14th century. They just about bathed themselves in the oils; clove, cinnamon, rosemary and a few other oils. For some reason they didn’t come back with the plague after robbing all the graves of those that died from the it.
 So Young Living came out with this product line and it has been a hit ever since. I just love the smell of it. I love washing my hands in Thieves foaming hand soap. It has a clean crisp and feel good scent!
What have we found the Thieves product line helps with?
1) Acne ~ wash 2-3 times a day with foaming hand soap
2) Bad smells in the air ~ diffuse
3) Great for smelly clothes/dishes
4) Great for cleaning the floors
5) Elimates bacteria and odor (Garbage cans, sinks, plastic dishes, wiping down counters and more)
6) Adding it to my NingXia red drink and giving myself a powerful immune booster
7) Great on healing the gumline of teeth 🙂
8) The spray is great for throat infections
9) Great for tooth infections, numbing the gums, nerves
10) helps add oxygen to the body
11) Works on stains on clothing, but do not let sit on the clothing, spray on and wash right away
12) Works good w/other oils
13) When flu/colds/infections great for on feet/mouth and spine (warm oil so dilute)
14) Improves circulation
15) Stimulates nerves
16) Powerful purifier
17) love the hand sanitizer, hands smell so great, no junk fillers
18) Helps boost the respiratory system
19) Mouthwash cuts out alot of germs, I love to use it on my toothbrush sometimes in place of the toothpaste.
Can you tell I love this line of products?
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