Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 5 of 9 – Panaway Essential Oil

Hello, Minnesota Sue here to help you learn to “Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit”. The next essential oil bottle is the blend called, “Panaway”.

Panaway is great for taking pain-a-way, for numbing pain and also aids the body in healing an injured area. I love PanAway for many reasons. It is a easy “go to” bottle that doesn’t take much to show how it works.

  • All I do is rub it on a painful area and I find relief within minutes.
 Sometimes I wish this would be in a 30ml roll on bottle, especially after moving heavy boxes/furniture around. 🙂

  • Rubbing/Rolling it on the bottom of your feet, gives the soles a boost from all the weight they carry on a daily basis to keep us active and moving.

  • Cramps? Add to V-6 or veggie oil and rub across stomach area, put warm compress over to drive the oils in.
  • Bloating? Do the same as above.
  • Growing Pains? Rub this on the areas of pain, especially the muscles.
  • Sprain? Rub gently and let it be driven in again by warm compress.
  • Arthritis? Same as sprain.
  • Bumps/Bruises? Rub on Panaway

  • Tendinitis? Rub on area of concern
  • Tennis elbow? Rub on PanAway and drive in with warm compress
  • Sciatica? Same as above
  • Blood not circulating around a wound very easy? Again Panaway!
  • Pain After Surgery? Panaway with warm compress alternated with cold
  • Strong Pain? Alternate PanAway with Raindrop in a Roll On bottle, Ortho Ease or Ortho Sport, Drive the oils in with Peppermint, Seal with Lavender.
  • Low back pain? PanAway in a roll on, rubbed on and heat of any sort, FIR(far infra red) heat is great for any type of pain and to drive essential oils in deeper.

PanAway is a great blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove & Peppermint.
These four oils are good for; cortisone like ability, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant, topical anesthetic, blood cleanser, circulatory functions, soothing and cooling.
MnSue leaving you to Oil #6 out of 9 in the “Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit” from Young Living.
 Until then, enjoy the read!

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