Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 6 of 9 – Frankincense Essential Oil

Hello again!

MnSue back with #6 essential oil bottle out of 9 in the “Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit” from Young Living. This essential oil is called, “Frankincense”.

One can do so much with this single oil, Frankincense. It works on ones spiritual side as well as the physical side of the body.

Frankicense Tree where the great oil comes from!

It can help one feel uplifted when going through some rough times in ones life. It can work on the skin, that has been damaged by the sun. It can work wonders on wrinkles, acne and also blemishes.

  • Scars? Rub on at least 2 times a day, more if one can/ also prevents them.
  • Anxiety? Breathe in this lovely smelling essential oil and feel the calm, be relaxed.
  • Meditate? Diffuse for feelings of calm.
  • Neck Strain? Massage on neck and rub in with other oils like Wintergreen for depth.
  • Sunstress on skin? Rub gently on areas of dry/patchy skin

  • Acne? Wash first with Thieves foaming hand cleanser and then mix a spray/rollon of Lavender and Frankincense and apply.
  • Bruising/cuts/scrapes? Gently massage in.

  • Staph/infection? Mix well with Thieves.
  • Wounds? Spray this on.


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  • Wound Up? Smell Frankincense/diffuse
  • Depressed? Rub on feet/wrist before bed and upon rising in the morning.
  • Sore throat? Drop on tongue
  • Great for all kinds of skin issues, is a lovely touch to smooth it out.
  • Works on balancing blood pressure.
  • Asthma? Try this over the lungs and drop on the tongue.
  • Respiratory/Pneumonia/Allergies? Try this on the front of neck, around nose, bottom of feet and over lungs.
  • Many more uses and this one is a beauty of an oil when it works at the inside as well as outside the body.


Frankincense is a holy oil from the Middle East. There are over 52 references to this holy oil in the bible.

MnSue bringing you the #7 out of 9 bottles in the “Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit” in the next blog, enjoy!!

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