Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 7 of 9- Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend

Hello, Minnesota Sue back with the next oil from the Everyday Oils Kit from Young Living’s Product Line.

Have you ever felt like you are so thankful to be able to write on something you know about? How about something you love to use everyday of one’s life?

This is an extension of me, I love to use Young Living Essential Oils in my everyday life. Not just at home but if I am out and about. I don’t flaunt it, I don’t just waste it. I use it if I need it somewhere.

Peace and Calming, the blend of essential oils that help one feel calm and relaxed without feeling drugged up. I have used this at the hospital, (thankfully it was in my purse) when I found out my 22 year old nephew had passed away, after a car accident this last summer. It calmed my jangled nerves to a very dull roar. It gave me the ability to think and carry on. This came at a time, only weeks after a good friend passed away from cancer.

Peace and Calming has helped my grandbaby, who is 2 1/2 years old, calm down before bedtime. I love to add this to her bathtime regime, if she is bathing, to the water with epsom salt or baking soda.

I love the smell of this, it is so uplifting. This is a great oil to diffuse in a nursery, in hospitals, daycare, maternity ward, emergency ward, waiting rooms,dentist office, elderly home, schools and in homes for all of us.

I have heard in the hospitals and places they diffuse this oil, the customers/patients are calm.

This is a great oil to have in your car, if you are waiting in traffic or in a hurry somewhere. If you are anxious about something or feel like you just need to relax.

This is great for those children (adults also)who are wound up from the days events and cannot seem to calm down. Gently rub onto the feet, wrist and back of neck, always dilute for children(unless you are confident enough they have used them and had no problems). Diffuse if needed also.

Just whatever you do, don’t apply too much during the day, or you could end up taking an unexpected nap! 🙂

Peace and Calming is a blend of; Tangerine (Citrus nobilis), orange (Citrus aurantium), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) and blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum).

MnSue leaving you to another great day of learning about essential oils in the Everyday Kit. Our next blog post will be on the 8th bottle out of 9; Purification blend.

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