Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 9 – Valor

Hello, Minnesota Sue here with another post about the “Everyday Oils Kit”. The last bottle of nine, the “Valor” blend.

Valor is another one of my favorites and you will soon understand why. I cannot travel(as in fly) without it.  Valor works best on the feet and also on the back of the neck and around your ears. It is an awesome essential oil blend for helping one’s energy become more balanced and even.

Valor is known to be “chiropractor in a bottle.”
Valor has known to calm children down with ADD/ADHD issues.
Valor has known to help one feel empowered and strengthened.
Valor has helped one overcome fears and anxieties.
Valor has also helped ones with scoliosis, sometimes in matter of minutes.
Valor helps with muscle, bones, skin, nervous disorders and emotional balancing.
 It works through the electrical energies of the body.

Pain on Spine? Run valor along it, with the roll on.
Low Energy? Valor on feet/wrist/temples.
Ear Pain? Roll Valor along the bone around the ear.
Ear Pressure when flying? Roll Valor along bone on ear and down the muscles of neck below ear to drain.
Aches & Pains? Roll on valor wherever there is pain.

Stuffed up head? Dab on Valor behind ears on bone, back of neck, forehead, sides of nose.
Tight muscles? Drop on and massage in, moist warm heat to drive in the Valor.
Growing pains? Same as above.
Confidence need boosting? Drop on wrist and inhale deeply a couple of times.
Feeling your spine is out of whack? Try the Valor on feet before the chiropractor. 🙂
Child feeling tipsy with a head cold? Add valor with your other essential oils for the cold.

Here is the direct link to the details from Young Living on Valor;

Adding this to the “First Aid Kit” is one of them go to oils.

Minnesota Sue leaving you to a great start to “Everyday Oils Kit”.

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Enjoy these beautiful essential oils, just like I do!

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