Stress? What Stress? Essential Oils Works Wonders On Stress!

Hello, MnSue here!

 One elderly lady, years ago told me (when my children were little) that time sure flies, the older you get the years feel like months and months seem like days. I totally can relate. I just did three blogs in a row, that ended on Saturday and it is already Tuesday morning. Excuse me, but did I say Tuesday morning? Time for bed! But first this post. 🙂

Stress, do you ever get stressed out?

 I find that when I know company is coming, I feel like every cobweb and speck of dirt should be gone. “No excuse now, my baby is over 15”, I tell myself.  This little internal rationalizing talk continues, “that the others are not coming to examine your house, so chill”. Or as my teens say, “take a chill pill” then I smile and think, “thanks for the reminder, the oils” ahhh. They sure come in handy. Yes, a drop will do one great!

What is my favorite for stress?
I would have to say frankincense, the only problem is I do use this in the morning and at night and do not want to be overly calm or I will be too relaxed to do anything but sleep. So I like to take the combination of lavender and peppermint. Yes, lavender to calm me down and peppermint to help me feel energized and that I can get a lot done. Yes, I do switch out to other essential oils but come back to these two as they work so well and I usually have a bottle of each around, all the time.

How quick do I feel they help me?

Oh, I would say almost instanteous. Before it would take a minute or two and now find it amazing  in comparison to when I first started, I felt they took a bit, to feel the difference. Why? Not 100% positive but feel that I am not as toxic. Also, not as overloaded with so many changes/challanges in my life.  I am starting to come off of stressful situations that took alot of energy out of me, in the last couple of years. So, I feel that being on essential oils has helped me to deal with those situations,  so I can go forward, day by day and deal with whatever comes. I am not saying I am fully like I was three years ago but I will be soon with the help of these essential oils. I am so thankful for them in my life.

Will stress ever go away?
 I think we will always have challanges/changes in life, it just depends on how we look and then deal with them. I also feel, the better we sleep, eat and care for our bodies and soul, makes for a healthier way to deal with any and all challanges/changes in ones life.

So with that parting comment…
MnSue leaving you to catch a few zzzz’s!


I find their are many good options within essential oils, many oils can take on different rolls and help with a defiency in numerous areas within the body. To me, I just love using them and cannot say enough about them. Love adding these great oils to my medicine cabinet. How about you?

To start using them, feel free to go here, to purchase the ones you desire.