Abcess Tooth? Essential Oils 2 The Rescue!

Abcessed Tooth + Essential Oils = Xray of no Infection

I woke up a few weeks ago, Friday morning to a severe toothache, jaw pain and earache(sometimes pain going down my arm)!

I called the dentist but I couldn’t get in until Monday at 1:30.
Just the thought of not getting in, made my pain even worse.
 Not kidding you, I felt like someone drove a CAT truck right over my jaw!

Well…it pushed me to find alternatives in a zip of a time. As I was holding my jaw of pain, I couldn’t move it hardly to talk, if my top teeth would bump the bottom ones it would send zingers all over my head and it was bad enough with the pain of infection already there.

 Fast forward to Monday..rough days I went through.
I am not telling you this to get sympathy or even empathy. I am telling
you this because I found an alternative route for my pain and infection.

First I did drops of Cloves, spray of Thieves and held my breathe as the essential oils did their work on the infection… jaw biting but working.  Then I did panaway and peppermint mixed on the outside of my jaw. Temporarily took the pain away. While the pain was gone, I was asking on forums all over, what to do for this tooth. Researching as much as I can online and offline.

 Hard to find answers but I didn’t give up.

 I kept going, as I had to deal with the tooth and needed distractions anyway.

Copiaba/Frankincense was a hit with my pain. It worked, not just for minutes but hours. Four to six at the minimum. Then to draw out the infection on the inside I learned of the cotton ball/square with oils on it. Replace every hour or two with a new one. Place on the cotton ball/square with one drop of V-6, one drop  each of Cloves,Thieves, Frankincense(I did try resin too but the resin turns to gum and went all over the teeth, I was okay with it during the day but fell asleep with it and woke to my teeth full of it. πŸ˜‰ and Copaiba.

Then I did the Raindrop Technique oils (just go to the search bar at the top of my blog and pop in “raindrop technique, I have two on them) in a roll on and rolled up and down my jawbone, under the jaw, around the ear and down the neck muscle which is under the ear.

Raindrop Technique Kit

Then as good measure did the same procedure with Valor.

To keep my spirits high, during all of this I diffused any citrus oils and Thieves.

 I needed all the help I could get. I was down for the count, many times in the lazyboy with heat on my backside from the FIR heating pad, it helping me sleep and get relief, for the body to heal. The body heals the best in rest, by the way. :))

So…through all of this, I went into the dentist on Monday afternoon. My pain at this point was hit and miss but I knew I was still dealing with the aftermath of the Hurricane Infection that swirled through me, as off and on I still got the chills. The dentist didn’t find any infection pockets.

Absolutely Nothing!!!

“What?” I asked him? “Can you repeat that?” He said, he couldn’t find anything but he in the end prescribed me an atibiotic and I did take it, as I didn’t want to loose anymore hearing or have any other side effects from the infection.

I started “oil pulling” with coconut oil after coming back from the dentist. I do this 3 times a day on an empty stomach. This is an amazing process I am learning. I have tried it in the past and have given up. I kept to it, as I want to pull toxins out of my body. Why not with something so simple like oil pulling and adding essential oils to it? Learn from this video but I will blog on “oil pulling” so stay tuned to my blog for that post next. πŸ˜‰

I am now in the process, from that experience learning all I can to rebuild or remineralize teeth. I am on a roll with these learning curves. I am having so much fun…needless to say with researching.

I have a few books on this process but the best one so far, that is easy to read and not put down is;

Hard Copy Form;

Kindle Version;

Good luck and remember order these oils and do not be without, add them to what I call, “Back to the Basics” kit for home. I am not home free yet, with my teeth. Everytime you put food into your mouth, your introducing something to the tooth with issues. So I oil pull, waterpik and brush my teeth to keep them clean for now.

Hopefully it will be cheap insurance (essential oils)for you, that you will never have to use for a toothache, after you read the book above! πŸ™‚ To buy this book and oils, while building my health is way cheaper than a $1.5k a pop on a tooth for a temporary fix (estimated time a cap lasts=8 years!). For me, that would be x4 for my bad ones right now for over $8k with other things I need to get done along with caps and/or root canals. I am not giving up, I am fighting for my teeth and health. How about you??? to order these oils; Frankincense, Thieves, Copaiba, Raindrop Technique Oil Kit, Valor, Cloves
and any or all of the Citrus oils; Orange, Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Lime.

Minnesota Sue leaving you to a healthy lifestyle around the world, wherever you may be until the next blog post!

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  1. Your article was interesting as my curiosity in EOs is increasing. I am wondering why you have such a wide variety of EOs at your disposal and yet did not know how to use them for a gum infection….basically, why did you need to spend so much time researching. It appears you are selling or endorsing essential oils…will I have to spend hours researching for an answer if I bought them? Also, it was disappointing you went ahead and took the antibiotic even though your dentist could not find any evidence of infection, which one would assume was cured by the EOs. There is so much knowledge and evidence concerning taking ABx unnecessarily that I don’t need to add to it but the damage done to your digestive system by the ABx is not easily repaired. I have heard EOs are a healthier alternative to illness and disease than prescription drugs. My questions are because I would like to be taught from your answers….not to make you feel attacked and respond defensively (if you do respond at all.) Thank you πŸ™‚

    • No problem Kim! Sometimes when someone (your doctor) scares you into thinking the infection can affect your brain when it is so close to it, you will do it! πŸ˜‰

      Hope that never happens to you.

      I love the oils.

      In researching, there is so many ways to get to the same problem that one can become overwhelmed easily. My second nature is to research, that will not change. There are reference books out there, so one doesn’t have too. πŸ™‚

      Hope this answers your questions, take care and hook up with me on facebook, if you would like more answers.

    • Hello Kim! Great questions!! I did it as they put the fear in me..if I didn’t take it, I could have infection lurking all over my body still. Have you had anyone ever tell you that one? When fear is great, you do funny things. To answer the ? on researching. I wanted to make sure I got rid of my problem(like I said on the first answer above) and wasn’t sure, as there are so many good essential oils to use for just about every health issue. I am sure I didn’t have a problem with the first oil and it worked just fine. I am one of them that wants to leave no stone unturned. When you ask experts out there, they are all afraid of answering in fear of all kinds of repercussions. So, thus the use of many oils. Can you fault me in that one?

  2. I had a tooth that was killing me. Read your review and put frankincense on it. Bam! Not even a minute I was feeling immedite relief. Thanks so much!!

  3. I have concerns about the oil pulling….does it loosen fillings? Because I have a mouth full and do not want to have them replaced because I oil pulled. Do you know about this?