7+ Tips for Vitaflex Charts + Essential Oils

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Anyway, on to the meat and potatoes of my post today.

I would love to share with you a few tips to help you & your loved ones, use essential oils better in your everyday use.

First of all, if at all possible, print off the “vitaflex charts” of both the feet and the hands.

Second, memorize them as you never know when the charts will help you out, if you have a sore spot on your foot or hand. The pain may just be coming from the same part of the body that needs help.

For example; your sinuses are acting up and right on the bottom of the foot under the three middle toes you have pain..bingo, they correspond to the sinuses, you now can work the area with the same oils you did on your sinus area of your head. Next your fleshy points, on palm, at the bottom of the three fingers starting at the pointer finger and over to the ring finger are aching..again your sinus area. You now can work the leftover essential oils from the previous use, into that part of your hands.

Never under estimate the knowledge of memory! 😉

Third, when you are getting a massage and if you know a certain area of the body is flaring up, like your stomach you can surprise the massage therapist or the other person with asking them to work that part of your foot/hand that corresponds with it.

Fourth, you, yourself can work the vitaflex area of your child or spouses foot/hand when they are sick.

Sixth tip is for helping children or the elderly become more independent with essential oils.

 Now, see if you can get your child to memorize the charts, by making it into a game( make sure it is age appropriate). You can start by color coding each area on the chart for a body area(foot or hand print) and  then teaching them what area of the body, that color stands for(find colored stickers and match the colors to the stickers for later, if you wish). Great visual and they may not even know how to read yet and you can teach them how to care for themselves through color and the spot on the foot (or hand)in a picture.  Think of how they can carry this into their future, how cool is that?

As they get older (maybe closer to eight or ten), next you can buy color stickers and put the colored sticker onto the essential oils bottle top, to show them what oil is appropriate for that color spot on the foot/hand. How is that for the little prince or princess in your life?

One could also write the word onto the sticker, if they are learning to read, but do it with a fine tip, permanent marker so the letters don’t run into each other, on contact, from the oils.

This also works great for older people, to write on colored stickers, what the essential oil is good for, so they know by  the matched color, at a glance, they can use it for, or can read if need be.


Seventh tip you can do is write down the essential oils that correspond to that body part that works the best for you to help that particular body part. For the example above; sinuses for me + raindrop technique oils in a roll on bottle = relief (plus works on infection), how awesome is that? Just be careful not to get into eyes, if you do, dilute with good veggie oil. **Also helps a child who can read, learn which essential oils work with what area of the body too.

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