Oil Pulling With Essential Oils 4 Health!

Hello again dear friend!

I hope you are learning a few tips off my blogging now on essential oils. I have written over 100 blog posts and enjoy sharing my tips and tricks to getting to a healthier lifestyle!

I know, it is not easy to add one more thing in your schedule, these days. Our lives are so full of “busy-ness” that one stops and thinks, “how in the world can I fit one more thing into my lifestyle? I am verily getting through my day with everything else I do”. Well, for me it took an infected tooth to get down to business of taking “oil pulling” seriously.

I started with trying many years ago. I gagged and spit it out, end of subject until the next round, few years later. Same thing. Well, fast forward to fall of 2012, now you add in an abcessed tooth and pain. Get my drift? No time like now to get down right into the coconut oil jar and scooping out a tablespoon and starting to swish!

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 I don’t want to forget how I dealt with this experience and also wanted to share it with you! I have learned many tips since then, here they are;

1) First few times, it may take a minute or two only and gagging and spitting it all out. So, who cares? NOT embarrassing. Try again. Next time you may hit two and half minutes or better than me, hit five minutes! Work your way up to 20 minutes or until the oil turns white and bubbly.

2) Don’t give up just because you are gagging everytime you put it into your mouth. Try with a half a teaspoon at first, work up to about half your mouth full, with oil.

3) Use cold pressed coconut, sesame or sunflower oils only.

4) When you have done it for a while, or have teeth problems like I do(as of this blog writing), I add essential oils that help with pain(Copaiba/Panaway/Wintergreen) or infection(Thieves, Cloves and others).

5) Do it while you are in the shower, cooking, cleaning, jumping on the mini tramp, exercising, reading, researching, facebooking or whatever.

6)  Don’t push yourself to do 20 minutes, right off the bat, so you don’t give up. Try one minute, two minutes and work up to 20! I many times go over! 🙂

7) No need to be all out, full board, swishing. Gently is just as effective.

8) Use a TIMER! Here is my why. Be prepared for junk to come out, if you have a lot of sinus or allergy issues this will loosen up crud and if you need to spit, spit! Then add another spoon of coconut oil and continue on where you left off with your minutes. I have had to do this, that is why I love the timer. If I have spit, I look at the timer and then know how many minutes I  still need to get in after my next spoonful of coconut oil, to equal the twenty minutes. 😉

9) Start with one of the three oils you have at home; coconut, sesame or sunflower without buying a new bottle, so you do not spend needless money right away.

10) Do not put your mouth on the bottle neck of any of these oil bottles, use a spoon so germs are not left on the bottle neck.

The steps I do for oil pulling:

1) Brush teeth first with Thieves Dentaroma Ultra Or Thieves Mouthwash. Do not skip this step first thing in a.m, as it will get your mouth rid of germs and work on pulling more out of tongue and gums. This takes 2-4 minutes of your time. Or even the Miracle II soap works.

2) Oil Pull (with coconut as of now, I may switch to sunflower or sesame later). I add a drop of essential oil on spoon, on top of  coconut oil, if I feel a need. Swish in mouth for up to 20 minutes, when it turns white and bubbly. Then spit into garbage(not the sink or shower or drain will clog up over time).

2) Water pik with a mineral mix (one drop of iodine, only because of thyroid issues, and  1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt). I sometimes do it with a drop of Green Miracle Soap but not necessarily with the mix. Roughly, takes 2-4 minutes depending on what speed you have it on.

3) Then I take my vitamins & supplements, greens/reds and nutrition so I am building up my organs before eating anything else.

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4) I do oil pulling up to 3 times a day right now with my teeth issues I have. I am trying to keep my teeth healthy and strong. I have found the pain goes away relatively quickly, sometimes within seconds.

My Oil Pulling regime takes about a total of 30 minutes, with the brushing,oil pulling and water pik .

So for thirty minutes of your day with some few dollars out of your pocket, what has one got to loose but toxins?

Here is a good video on how & why to oil pull;

I have researched and found many links on what the different oils can do from sunflower to sesame and back to coconut oil. But most important is that they are cold pressed and one of the three oils I just listed. I prefer organic but do what you have to do to get the job done.

Enjoy getting to a healthier you!

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MnSue leaving you to enjoy this cheap and cheerful form of gentle detoxing!

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  1. Great list of essential oils. My favorite is actually the coconut oil. I love the benefits that I get from it such as my natural moisturizer and conditioner.

  2. You are welcome Valerie!

    🙂 I love coconut oil for pulling also.

    Have a great day!


  3. Is there a difference in these oils in regards to teeth whitening? Or in regards to “better for mouth issues”? And Could we not just get some distilled water and add YLEO and use THAT for oil pulling? I mean… it’s oil. Right?

    • Hello Dachia, Great question! All essential oils help in different ways. Each one works better in different areas. Give me a call if you would like more help, Sue 763.370.2246