“Learning With Young Living” Give A Way!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here!I am enjoying the lovely days with my family. Today my daughters and I made 59 –  five inch individual and two 9″  Chicken Pot Pies. We were busy..amidst all else. Running my boys to work and other errands. Somehow got it all done and back here to my blog to share with […]

Young Living Distributor~To be or not too be?


Busting the Myths In Young Living; -You do NOT have to sign up as a distributor to purchase.-You do NOT have to sell to be a distributor.-You do NOT have to be on autoship.   -You do NOT have to order every month unless you are on autoship. Then, all you have to do is a minimum of 50pv (personal […]

In With the New and Out With the Old… Welcome 2013!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here with a chart I find useful for applying oil blends to each of these emotional energy centers. Find your favorite oil(s) for each area, in my list below, if you are struggling with any of these areas and apply. Let us all work on getting “unstuck” and going forward with our dreams and passions […]