Young Living Distributor~To be or not too be?

Busting the Myths In Young Living;

-You do NOT have to sign up as a distributor to purchase.
-You do NOT have to sell to be a distributor.
-You do NOT have to be on autoship.


-You do NOT have to order every month unless you are on autoship. Then, all you have to do is a minimum of 50pv (personal volume, which typically translates in the U.S. dollar for dollar) a month.
-You do NOT have to order 100pv unless you want a check each month, as a distributor.
-You DO get cheaper shipping on autoship.
– You DO get REWARDED for an autoship, which is simple as the abc’s.

A.) 10% of pv (personal volume) in first 6 months then
B.) 15% of pv in second 6 months, followed by,
C.) 13th month and thereafter you get 20% of pv in FREE products.

-There are specials for MEMBERS ONLY.

-You do NOT have to sell to benefit at 24% off, as a distributor. Only requirement is a 50 pv order in 12 months.

-You can be a customer and purchase at full retail, if you do NOT want a discount.
-You can sign up with someone from any country we are in. How sweet is that?

-We all get 24% off on products as distributors.
-You DO make $ when you refer others/sign up customers and distributors.
-Young Living is in 190 countries and growing. Are YOU in one of them, if so, what are you waiting for…no, don’t say it, until the cows come home?

-All products are NOT in every country.
-Young Living DOES have each oil tested during various stages of distillation.

-Young Living(YL) DOES have it’s own labs and also third party verifies purity and potency standards.
-YL has starter kits to purchase for whatever price level you can afford from $40 and up to sell if you wish.

-Sets the standards in the industry for all other essential oil companies to compare too! They are a world class leader!
-Has many kits to choose from; Thieves, Everyday Living, NingXia Red, Feelings, Raindrop Technique, Twelve Oil’s of Ancient Scripture, Golden Touch 1, and more to make it easier to just buy and use.

-Many classes, training materials and cd/dvd’s.


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