What Company Are YOU in? Are YOU using their product?

Hello, Welcome to learn about working from home and using YOUR companies products. Hard to always remember that you have your own store, hey? Well, just a reminder to purchase from your own store and also teach your downline/team to do the same. If you don’t like your products, why would you be selling them? […]

Pain Anyone? Oil It Away!

Hello and welcome to my blog on Young Living Essential Oils. I have a passion to share my love of these products with anyone that is up to learning. Enjoy! Remember to share with anyone who needs help with their pain. No one enjoys being in pain, whether it is arthritis, fibromyalgia, broken bones, torn […]

Improvising When Blends Are Out Of Stock!


Hello all! Minnesota Sue here on improvising on products when the blends/capsules are out of stock. Here is a video on what I did, that you can learn from also. Enjoy! MnSue leaving you to a fantastic day! Looking for my newsletter?  www.ylscents.com/sue Looking to sign up as a distributor? www.ylscents.com/sue Looking to become a […]