Frankincense, 2 of 9 Start Living With Everyday Oils


Hello and welcome to blog. I love sharing and caring with essential oils, especially Young Living’s. This product I am going to share today, is one of my all time favorites. I am a happy camper when I am using this essential oil called, “Frankincense”. Once you try it, you will understand why. This oil has […]

Lemon Essential Oil Video, Start Living With Everyday Oils #1


Hello and welcome back to those who are following me on my blog! Minnesota Sue here with a video on Lemon Essential Oil from Young Living. For those new to my blog ~ I love the products and have used them for years. It has taken me a while to get going on these videos […]

Kidscents Slique Toothpaste, Young Living with MnSue


Hello dear friend, I thought you would enjoy seeing my grandbaby, Callie who just turned 3, on this cute video with the Kidscents Slique Toothpaste. This formula of toothpaste is from the combined efforts of the Thieve’s Line and the Slique Line. I love the flavor myself, personally, enough to just eat it. 😉 A […]