Lemon Essential Oil Video, Start Living With Everyday Oils #1

Hello and welcome back to those who are following me on my blog!

Minnesota Sue here with a video on Lemon Essential Oil from Young Living.

For those new to my blog ~

I love the products and have used them for years. It has taken me a while to get going on these videos but I am working diligently and hard to share them with you.

My passion with these oils and sharing my knowledge has driven me from my personal testimony, a few years ago. I haven’t looked back and not realized how far I have come. I never dreamt I would get in front of a camera a couple of years ago. I tried going on video, a year ago. I did 10 whomping videos and stopped (the funniest part of this is, one of them videos has thousands of hits). It was hard to see myself, in front of a camera. I still struggle with it, thinking how do I come across? All I am is a stay at home mom, loving the products. But what drives me to keep going now, is the thought…

“If I can change even one person’s life, off of my blogs posts, videos or tips on facebook,
 If I can inspire someone to join my team and work from home,whether part time or full time,
If I can show you what a difference these products have made in my life,
If I can get you to try them like I did, whether it be one bottle or a few ~

Then I am accomplishing some of my goals, each and every time someone enjoys essential oils, as much as I do! So don’t give up, keep going, you are on this blog for some reason.”

In the meantime, you share my blog posts, tips, stories & testimonies with your friends and family. You never know whose life you can change with a simple bottle of oil and a passion to care.

I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people on this journey with essential oils.

 I am so fortunate I can work from home and be here for my family. I am so thankful for these oils that God so richly blessed us all with abundantly, that all I can say is…try them and once you do, you will wonder like I did…”why did I not do this long time ago??”

So…back to the Lemon.

I bet you thought I forgot? Hahah..sometimes I can forget. But I do love blogging and sharing with you, that I knew I better get back on track here, or I may loose you along the way.

That is to go straight to my videos, instead of my chattering in black and white.



Until the next video or blog, I will leave you to enjoy essential oils.

Minnesota Sue 🙂

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