Suki,our family friend. Oh,the Memories we Share!

Hello MnSue here and sharing my passion of story telling with you, have you ever met one of them great story tellers and you are bent over, on the edge of your chair, as you listen, not to miss a word?

 I love them kind of people who keep us all entertained.

Who doesn’t?

In my growing up years (those single digits on up into the teenage years) we had many family friends and relatives through the doors of our home. I have great memories of those days. There was one family friend in particular, that just had a sparkle in his eye and a lovely demeanor.  In my eyes, he was the jovial, oversized, happy go lucky, story telling man. I think we could have nick named him, the jolly giant!  He was called “Suki” by family and friends. He used to stop in monthly, on his trips. As Suki went back and forth, from the backroads of Upper Michigan on over to Minnesota, he would travel on down to Arizona and elsewhere.

I remember, from the moment I heard Suki was coming, I would start jumping up and down. Later on, as I started to mature into my teenage years, I would try to sustain the jumping! 🙂  He was like a “grandpa” to me. Suki was so fun to just watch and laugh with.

Suki loved our family and we loved Suki.

 I would hang onto his every word in a story. Too me, he was a very humble and loving man.  Yet, very entertaining in his words.

Suki, in my eyes, was a world traveler. Not sure if he really traveled that much but as a child, it seemed like he was everywhere, as he shared his stories of being on the road. Suki kept everyone so entertained, that we lost track of time and we couldn’t wait for the next trip!

Oh, how I miss that man. He was the gentlest of souls. Yet the spice that kept life so entertaining.

The days of the good ol’ fashion visiting around the table and a good ol’ cup of folgers coffee seem to just be that, “the good ol’ days”.  Life gets to busy sometimes. We need to stop and surround ourselves with those friends who uplift us and have a sense of humor.

We live in life but yet, do we really?

Do we really take the time to live our lives to the fullest? Make them lovely memories?
Stop the running in circles? Start by dropping in on friends and start those friendships that last a lifetime, like our family friend, Suki.

What do you want in life? YOU have to make it happen. Be the “Suki” who loves life and is a friend to all.

Be yourself and share your stories of life.

MnSue leaving you for the
cup of coffee,
it just isn’t folgers now!

I am going to try the drop
of peppermint in mine.

Maybe I will get the Ho-Ho
back from Christmas
coming at me in my cup! 😉 Blog