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Hello to YOU!

Welcome to learn on Young Living Essential Oils. My passion is to share them with the world and help them learn how to use them, today and everyday of ones life. They are so simple to use and uplifting.

I am having so much fun with this product line…I thought, what can I give away that has impacted my life in a beautiful way? It took me a while…almost all of March to come to this idea. I really struggled with what to give away as I use so many products in my everyday life from Young Living. From toothpaste to foaming soap, to household cleaner to the oils. From the shakes to the supplements. They all have made a impact in my life..but which one to give?

I finally told myself to let it go…even though I felt bad as I love to do the monthly give-a-ways. All of a sudden in talking with someone…it hit me, don’t ask me who…but I am so thankful. Raindrops In April…for April Showers. I loved the idea for the give-a-way, as I do just love getting and giving Raindrop Techniques. Just thought, oh my…the kit is over $160 and a bit overboard for a give-a-way but it has impacted many people around me, including myself.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIC3BeTBpTQ ~ Raindrop Technique on this video.

The thought took root.

I kept thinking how can I do this??? I know it will impact others as much as me. Then it came to me, share. I am sharing my knowledge of the oils,as I go along. I share my posts and videos. I can have others share too.

Yahhh! So here is the post I have on my fanpage…go and share it if you are on facebook and if you have friends and family in the U.S. you can share this anywhere in the world…to impact them too. 🙂

Here you go.

So welcome over to facbook, click on the facbook image on the left side of the page and head on over to share or on the link in this post, below. Welcome over!!

Some lucky winner will win the Raindrop Technique Kit!

Minnesota Sue hopes to see you on over on facebook on her fanpage at;

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