Sick As A Dog? Start With Young Living And Get Healthier!

Hello and welcome!

I am sooo happy to be on the mending end of this head cold I got blasted with a couple of days ago. It knocked me for a loop. 🙂

I have been so busy minding my own business that I almost got knocked over!

Well, I have to remember through all these busy days that one has to slow down, even if we don’t like too. There are so many other functions and places to go and things to get done that we all know…the list doesn’t end. Some things will pass, like events and some things will not go away. Like the laundry pile. :)) Anyway, we need to learn to let some go and do what we can and not feel guilty, either.

So, as we keep going and not stopping, we end up with more down time with colds, flus and other things, as we didn’t stop to take care of ourselves.

I found this formula in the Higley’s Reference Guide for Young Living Essential Oils and modified it a bit to how it worked for me. I added taking in the capsules. I will take them about every 4 hours or less, if needed.

Well, there you go…when the going gets tough and you need to get back up and going quick, remember to have blank capsules on hand to put them oils never know when you need them. 
Also, rest and relax. 
So thankful to have these awesome products, essential oils from Young Living! Thieves & Immupower are what got me through this quick! 
Hope you are enjoying these posts, Have an awesome day!
Minnesota Sue enjoying what I do best…helping and sharing my stories with Young Living Essential Oils!