My Young Living Journey


Minnesota Sue (MnSue) here and loving where I am at, on my journey with Young Living. I go back in history, when I was first introduced to Young Living and I will tell you I was amazed at how well the oils worked. They still work the same today. I just wouldn’t have expected to […]

9 Benefits of Dry Brushing 4 Your Health!


Hello and welcome back again! Minnesota Sue here with some tips on dry brushing with the combined use of Young Living Essential Oils. I love dry brushing and keep in mind…the best benefits are doing it dry. I have done it for years wet but the issue is the pulling of skin, as the warm […]

Oil Spill On Carpet? 3 Quick Steps to Remedies!


Hello and welcome to my blog on essential oils, Minnesota Sue here! I am here to tell you all about essential oils and my love of them. First off, on this blog post you are searching for an answer on spilled essential oils on the carpet and how to remove it! How can one get […]